Please enjoy an “encore” Malloy show tonight and Mike returns LIVE Monday to discuss the King holiday, Obama inaugural, and the ongoing  implosion of the Republican Party!

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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    NGAD results as of now…
    Five injured from accidental weapons discharges at three
    gun shows Saturday. Fortunately no Yoga mats were used
    in the attacks keeping the casualties to a minimum.

    In comparison to Chick-fil-A day, where massive amounts
    homophobes turned (out), ate massive amounts of hormone
    laden chicken which caused many of them to turn gay, this
    event was an all around misfire.

    Bill Maher said it’s not your second amendment rights that
    are being taken away, it’s all the others.

    eet mor gunz

    1. Denny NNWofLA

      Afterthought: Guns should be registered. Gun owners should
      be licensed and required to carry liability insurance on
      each weapon. Failure to comply should result in forfeiture
      of weapons and stiff legal consequences. Why the hell not?

  2. Andy in Seattle

    Happy B-Day Kathy!!

    And will the inaugural include a “Parade of Drones”? Can’t wait to see!!!

    Maybe an interactive performance of how tying Social Security to the CPI is really a good thing?

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