End of Days

Veteran’s Day. Another reminder of those who volunteered to serve, but have been so abused and mistreated by the Bush Crime Family’s illegal, immoral wars of terror.  A day to pray for the safety and security of our men and women in service.

I stumbled on a blog today by an ordained minister and self-described “spiritual humanist” that captured the essence of what we would pray for, were we the praying kind, on Veteran’s Day.

We could use more spiritual leaders like this one:


Today, let us be thankful that same-gender loving people no longer must serve in silence but can live and love openly while defending their country in the various branches of the military.
Today, let us honor all who have served and who currently serve in uniform.
Today, let us honor all military service men and women by hoping and praying for peace.
Today, let us be mindful of non-military service that is also meant to keep us safe and make our world better…the work of first responders, the work of diplomats, and the work of activists speaking out for women, minorities, same-gender loving people, children, immigrants, the poor, and all who have had to work harder to experience the good that they deserve.
Today, let us rejoice that some in positions of authority or influence use the resources available to them to promote “liberty and justice for all” – in particular let us be grateful for Zambia’s First Lady, Dr Christine Kasebs-Sata, who is an advocate for LBTG people in Africa.
Today, let us be grateful for the US Senate’s passing of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and let us hope that the US House of Representatives will do likewise.
Today, let us give thanks for the 15 US states that now offer marriage equality, that a 16th state is very close, and that the District of Columbia, several counties and tribal communities, and an increasing number of nations recognize and celebrate equality as well.
Today, let us be reminded that there are still many places where one can be discriminated against, vilified, rejected, harmed, or even killed simply for being gay or lesbian, for being suspected of being gay or lesbian, or for being transgender or gender non-conforming; and let us recommit to working toward the elimination of homophobia and transphobia among us.
Today, let us remember that HIV has not yet been cured and let us wish and pray for a cure to soon be found.
And today, let us hold the people of the Philippines in our hearts as they continue to assess the damage and losses of Hurricane Haiyan.
There are many kinds of battles and many kinds of warriors…may all who have been willing to struggle to make our world safer, more just, and more compassionate be abundantly blessed.
God of our hearts, we offer these prayers in the name of all that is good and holy. Amen.



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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    Today I wish to honor all that saw through the military
    madness and refused to sign on to it. Most of us have not
    been in a legitimate war of necessity in our lifetimes.

    Eisenhower warned us to beware of the Military Industrial
    Complex as he was leaving office. In his “Chance for Peace”
    speech, otherwise known as the “Cross of Iron Speech” he
    pointed to the fact that for “Every gun made, every warship
    launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense,
    a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are
    cold and not clothed.”

    The money spent on our weapons of mass destruction and mass
    death could be used instead for good. For schools, hospitals,
    roads, bridges, health care etc., etc., etc.

    Today we salute the brave men and women who were duped into
    the false belief that somehow we are a safer and a better
    country for all the harm we cause world wide. We are not. We
    are a much poorer nation not only because of the harm we cause,
    but for the good we fail to do for ourselves, our children and
    our entire nation.

    This Veterans Day comes upon the heels of more cuts to the food
    assistance for the needy- children and yes, even Veterans. Shame.

  2. Person

    The weather is crushing us all.
    Politics do not matter any more. It is too late for us all.
    Superstorms will now be the norm.
    As will be the death and destruction that come with those superstorms.
    No place is safe.

    Wake up, it is too late.
    Wake up, time to die.

  3. Edie

    I’ve found that casting a jaundice eye on anything from the corp. media or any ‘official story’ will lead me to the truth.
    Thanks to the internet we can be our own fact checkers; the best part of listening to Mike is knowing that he will never lie to us.

  4. Karen Fairchild

    There is a Christian church that prays exactly this way, ordains women and gays and lesbians as priests, and feeds food to the hungry right out of our church hall. It is called the Episcopal Church and I proudly belong. All members are asked to volunteer at food banks or get out and help “the least of us” as much as is physically possible. That is the only way we are truly welcome at church. I’m tired of those who don’t recognize the Christian left. We don’t have anything good to say about the “Christian” right. Karen

  5. Greg East of Toledo

    “I wanna’ know who the men in the shadows are, I wanna’ hear someone asking them why. They can be counted on to tell us who our enemies are, but they’re never the ones to fight or to die.” J.Browne

  6. glenn_uk

    No podcast again? 🙁

    Not being funny, but does _nobody_ take a recording of the show, to be uploaded later if necessary? How come so many of these podcasts (which are, as MM frequently points out, are the “lifeblood” of the programme) just simply never appear at all?

    What worries me is that with all the excitement of these new cameras, etc. etc., even less attention is going to be paid to the one thing that matters most to me – having a damned podcast, so I can actually hear the show.

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