As 2010 marches on, each news week seems more bizarre, outrageous, and/or devastating than the one before.  This week brought insanity from oath keepers, bomb threats, ongoing oil spill calamities, freaky Franklin Graham, even freakier Lindsey Graham, stock market scares, increasing insanity from the Arizona legislature, tensions with Pakistan, outed and outrageous evangelicals and much more.

Here are the headlines that defined the newsweek for the Malloy Show:

BP Oil-Containment Box Hovers Above Seafloor in Gulf

Oil spill adds to environment insults

Dispersants Used By BP To Combat Oil Spill To Come Under Scrutiny

BP Executives Called to Testify Before Senate Committee

Biologists fear that spill could be a disaster ecologically’

Gulf oil spill could ‘devastate’ South Florida’s environment

Graham Says He Could Vote for Climate Bill, but Oil Spill Requires a ‘Time-Out’

McDonnell says drilling still in plan

Rules, Revolving Doors and the Oil Industry

Rush Limbaugh: Oil Spill Actually Great

Graham prays at Pentagon, says ‘Islam got a pass’

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Rejects Schumer’s Plea to Delay Immigration Law

Travel boycott of Arizona urged

Do I look illegal?

Arizona Immigrant Teachers’ Face Unfair Discrimination: Fluency and Accents

NYC car bombing – and muted reaction – a sign of times

Times Square Bomber Read Miranda Rights

Times Square Car Bomb Case Widens With Arrests in Two Countries

NRA Announces Glenn Beck as Keynote Speaker for Freedom Experience

News Corp.’s Murdoch defends Fox News’ Glenn Beck

Wild day on Wall Street leaves electronic exchanges under scrutiny

A lesson in fear as all hell breaks loose with stock market

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  1. chucky

    Once again, the fat, drug addled gas-bag known as Rush Limbaugh proves beyond a shodow of a doubt that he is THE biggest piece of shit asshole walking the planet. As bad as this sounds, I seriously hope that fat son of a bitch has a heart attack and dies.

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