Executive Time

I want The Donald’s schedule.  6-7 hours of “executive time” every workday.  He essentially gets a briefing and is done for the day.

Nice that he has so much Twitter and Cheeseburger time while he’s supposed to be running the country.  Maybe its a good thing.  God only knows what kind of trouble he’d get into if he actually met with foreign leaders (I mean other than Putin) or conducted actual presidential duties. 

We get to hear and see this walking paint sample tomorrow as he postures in front of Congress, but the much more interesting speech will be given by Michael Cohen to the House Intel Committee on the 8th.  Too bad its closed session – but I’m sure we’ll get the highlights.

Tonight its the strange tale of Virginia Gov Northam, who just can’t buy a clue and step down as he should.  What the hell is he waiting for?  If he wants to preserve the office he needs to step down.  Now.  Just do the right thing.

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