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Hi Truthseekers, Kathy here.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Church Night!

I’ve been trying for days to write something about the unbelievable hypocrisy and repugnant misogyny of our Republican elected leaders, pundits, and public officials.  Every time I try tr write, I am so angry and have so much to say I can’t put words to screen.

Evangelicals and women who support Trump are especially vile in my opinion.  I wish Kelleyann and Sarah H. Sanders would just switch genders – we don’t want them anymore.  What horrible, horrible examples for our young women today.  If a man abuses you, suck it up.  Nobody is going to believe you anyway.  Just evil.  How can any woman be a Trump supporter and still retain a modicum of self respect? These victims are daughters, mothers, sisters, granddaughters, wives.  And this is how we value them.  Shameful.

But I digress . . . .

I have never seen such a 180 flip in my life as I have witnessed in the last 18 months and still cannot fathom why these career politicians, some of them up-and-comers like Devin Nunes, would trash their lives and reputations for this tangerine con man?  And why?  To protect him from collusion with a foreign enemy who is hell-bent on destroying our representative democracy and global standing in the world?  Seriously?

They will believe this walking hairflap who lies about everything from the size of his crowds to the size of his “button,” over career public servants who have lead morally upstanding lives and often put life at risk to defend our citizens from terrorism? And still, Paul Ryan and Grassley and Hatch and McConnell and Sessions and a whole crew of veterans who should know better have decided to give The Don a mulligan.  Or rather, an entire notebook full of mulligans he can rip off like “get out of jail free” coupons.

He faces no consequences, why would he change?  Why apologize for insulting Gold Star families?  Or victims of deadly Neo-Nazi car attacks?  Or piss off our greatest allies in the world – the UK – to the point where our American President isn’t welcome on British soil!  

This list of atrocities is too long to even calibrate.  And we face a daily barrage of Trumpian BS, so the plot twists in the new episodes of “The Apprentice: White House Edition” start to bleed into each other. 

Or deny the victims of his sexual assaults, forgive his phony university, he’s been a plaintiff in at least 1,900 lawsuits and a defendant in 1,450 more, the “shithole” remarks, the “fine people” in the NeoNazi Party, the Muslim travel ban, firing Comey and Sally Yates over Flynn, the Kid Rock/Ted Nugent kiss up, the inaction and non-response to disasters in Puerto Rico, multiple mass school shootings, the Hawaiian nuclear false alarm, the innuendos he’s made about sex with his daughter, wink at a $130K (possibly taxpayer funded) payoff to a porn star, the pussy grabbing tape, calling Mexicans rapists and murderers, the payola for Uncle Ben’s family and Steve Menuchin’s wife, the money laundering, fat-shaming a former Miss Universe contestant, mocking a handicapped reporter, exploiting his office for personal (or Kushner Family) profit, selling access to Mar a Lago, the Don Jr. email forgery, the Executive Time, the Alternate Facts, his wife-beating secretary, giving national intel secrets to visiting Russians,  the Jerusalem embassy move, Tom Price, Anthony Scaramucci, Steve Menuchin, Steve Bannon, Steve Miller, General Kelly, Omarosa, Lewendowski, Manafort, Gates, Gorka, Moore the Molester, the endless assault on the press for shining a light on his misdeeds. 

Geezus, and still they snuggle up to him like he’s some Svengali King Midas, all taking their turns at the Cabinet meeting to kiss his ring and touch his hem and sing his praises…..”thank GOD for you, Mr. President,” said Orrin Hatch as Uncle Ben bows his head and prays for him.

Does Putin have pee-pee pictures of ALL of them?

Come on Back, Jesus.  Pick up John Wayne on the way.  I’m ready for all these freaks to rapture the hell outta here.  Leave the planet for the sane people.  Hell, I’ll buy them all new white sneakers.

There are 248 Republicans (aka Flying Monkeys) in the House of Representatives surrounding the president like sentry guards in order to preserve their power and their crumbling, rotten party.  Facts be damned.  Atrocities be damned.  Our international reputation be damned. It’s shameful. Worse, it’s reckless.  There are no checks and balances anymore, so who will stop this monster from totally destroying our nation?  And I don’t think that’s hyperbolic at all.

 In a recently released Gallup survey of 134 countries, the world now prefers China as a global leader to the United States. Median global approval of U.S. leadership fell 18 percentage points in just one year, by far the largest single-year decline. The world’s view of U.S. leadership is lower now than it has been at any point in the history of that poll.

The Gallup survey adds to similarly catastrophic findings from Pew Research. After just six months of Trump, confidence in U.S. leadership fell 75 percentage points in Germany, 70 points in France, 57 points in Britain and 54 points in Japan. Even long-standing U.S. allies no longer have faith in the White House.

Nice work, Putin’s minions couldn’t have done better themselves, and in only a YEAR!  imagine the damage they can do by the Midterms . . . . as we learned in the Senate hearings yesterday, there is literally nothing being done to stop their cyber attacks.  Not a single GOP Congressman will stand up to the Trump lies and  speak truth to power and DEMAND that Obama’s sanctions be enforced for their criminal interference in our electoral process.  Both by hacking and Social Media propaganda bots. 

And now we learn a steady parade of  high-level Russian officials have traveled to DC – at least 8 times last year – unannounced on the White House schedule. We learned about these trips from (get the irony here) the RUSSIAN media.  The latest visitors being a couple of creeps who are BARRED from entering the US!  And they sneak in anyway to cuddle Trumpy.  Praise and stroke him, compliment his hairdo and  hot wife.  I wonder what state secrets he gave up this time? More Israeli foreign intelligence?  

The officials who head two of Russia’s top spy agencies visited the US last week to meet with CIA Director Mike Pompeo and discuss issues related to counterterrorism, two people familiar with the matter told Business Insider.

Sergei NaryshkinSergey Naryshkin of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service and Alexander Bortnikov of its Federal Security Service met with Pompeo to discuss the US’s and Russia’s mutual interest in counterterrorism.

A third official, Igor Korobov — who leads the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence unit — visited the US at the same time as Naryshkin and Bortnikov but did not meet with Pompeo, one of the people said.  The purpose of Korobov’s visit remains unclear. His counterpart in the US is Lt. Gen. Robert P. Ashley, the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

A DIA representative did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The GRU was found to be the primary Russian intelligence agency responsible for interfering in the 2016 US election.

In addition to hacking and disseminating emails from the Democratic National Committee and attempting to breach election systems, Russia also worked to establish personal contact with Americans seen as sympathetic to Moscow. Officials also mounted an elaborate campaign aimed at spreading disinformation and stoking partisan bickering via Twitter and Facebook

Good God, we really do need to build a wall.  Around the White House.  Stop this freak from fraternizing with our enemies and leaking US secrets!

I’m so old I remember when the GOP distrusted Putin and was suspicious of all those “allegedly” former pinko commies.  What the Hell Happened???  Now they think Vlad’s an upstanding leader and our FBI is filled with a “secret society” of Hillary zombies left over from Obama’s Deep State that illegally wiretap The Don, make illegal uranium deals to enrich The Clinton Foundation, and operate child sex slave trade syndicates out of pizza parlors (thanks for that image, Flynn Jr.) 

Seriously, this is what they believe instead of plain old logic and facts.  Not a drop of outrage for all his high crimes and misdemeanors.  No words of sympathy for his assault victims.  Nothing for the entire nations of people he called “shitholes” because they weren’t white Europeans?

Why?  Just……why?  

It’s time for the Democrats to get their house in order and rally behind a leader and a message.  Here’s a thought – we are The Party of Truth.  We can no longer tolerate The Party of Lies that is now the GOP.  Trump is the culmination of decades of Neocon groundwork preparing us to accept a lying fascist, but useful idiot, who will pass their ultra-right agenda.  And man, does he know how to lie!

And the flying monkeys in Congress support his lies.  Lies about bringing back coal mining and manufacturing jobs, for example. That will never happen.  Full stop.  Technological advances  and robotized factories are making this a moot point –  even if we built new factories here, human beings aren’t going to build the cars of the future, robots will.  And the UAW is going to die, let’s face reality here.  We need to retrain these workers for the jobs of the future, not spoon-feed them BS wrapped in a crass and a flag.  Science deniers, corprocrats, sex abusers, wife beaters, grifters, con artists, racists, rapists, misogynists, money launderers . . . . these are the vermin that have taken over the GOP.  And the Bible-Thumpers are in their back pockets, along with Big Pharma, the NRA, and the 1%.

Bernie?  Kennedy?  Oprah?  Anybody ready to step up to the plate and be the face of the Party of Truth?  Somebody’s got to get up there and take out the trash . . . . we need some real Executive Time, bigly.

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  1. Tom

    Why won’t this latest Cold War with Russia ever end? Because the Powers that Be have the perfect cover to hde behind. We have evidence that Putin manipulated the 2016 election. But of course it’s all classified. So just trust us. We know what we’re doing. All the overlapping investigations you want that spend megamillions of dollars.

    However, what happens if Mueller, the House and Senate committees all finish their work and all 3 say there’s no proof of manipulation? Trump is on Putin’s payroll? No. What then? What will they hype to maintain the War? Lots of other countries prefer Chiina to be the world’s leader? With Trump in charge, can you blame them?

    1. DennyNNWofLA

      You may find Friday night’s show enlightening, Tom.
      You need not worry any longer about Mueller’s probe coming up empty.
      And Trump is not on Putin’s payroll. He is on strings held and controlled by him.

  2. Denny NNWofLA

    Has anyone NOT seen Florida school shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez speaking truth and clarity to the powers that do nothing to protect us? I’d love to see a town hall type discussion between her and the Turtle. Or Eddie Munster . Or Cheeto in Chief.

    She is far more sane and patriotic than those three useless vampiric trolls combined.

    On March 24th, marches will be held in DC as well as nationwide to demand congressional action; NOT thoughts and prayers.

  3. TakeTheCannoli2

    You’re absolutely right, Denny. Emma Gonzalez has more courage in her pinky toe than most Democrats in Congress. She’s going to be heard from for a long time, I hope. She was born to kick Republican and corporate Democrat butt! Rick Scott and Marco Rubio will be among her first victims.
    Here’s the speech for those who missed it: democracynow.org/2018/2/19/watch_parkland_high_school_shooting_survivor

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