Faces of Hate

We are living a nightmare.

 It feels like we are surrounded by murderers, madmen, and hate-speech-inspired assassins. What happened in the Pittsburgh synagogue, the worst hate crime against Jews in American history, shocks and saddens us to the core.  That level of venal, murderous depravity has become an accepted fact of life in Trump’s America.  For Trump it’s just an unfortunate, ill-timed bump on the campaign trail/hate tour.

 Like the new-normal school shootings, it’s another opportunity for Trump and his supporters to blame the victims (if only the teachers and Rabbi had assault rifles, too…..).

Words fail at at times like this.  When 11 worshippers are gunned down in a synagogue.  When two former presidents and 12 other targets survive pipe bomb assassination attempts. 

Look at these photos from Trump rallies.  Is there another place in America where such overt hate is on full, unabashed, unfiltered display? Hate is celebrated.

Can you imagine these faces at any other presidential event?  Hell, any other major party political event?  White Nationalist, KKK, Neonazi rallies, sure.  There it is sad, but expected. Now it is mainstream.

How would Fox “News” have reported these horrific and dangerous manifestations of hate speech if they occurred regularly at Obama events?  How quickly would they have sounded the 5-alarm full-on ALERTS  about the angry, dangerous, violent liberal mobs?

Boggles the mind.

And yet, Trump and his apologists in and outside the White House make endless excuses and throw up ridiculous straw men in their defense of Trump’s violent rhetoric. And, astonishingly, they continue to blame the media for the violence and death that result.  Even accuse CNN of fake-bombing itself.

That’s how far down the rabbit hole we have descended.  There is an alarming percentage of voting Americans who think it’s all a hoax.  The pipe bombs, school shootings, shopping center shootings, and synagogue massacres.  All just a bunch of actors trying to make the President look bad before the Midterms.  This is groupthink delusional madness and, rather than disavow it, Trump and his minions embrace it.  

That is the most terrifying reality of all.

Where do we go from here?  Lost, torn, battered as we are.  How do we recover?  How to restore dignity, morality, empathy and decency to our political institutions before these rage-rallies inspire even deadlier hate crimes?

This Midterm is vital, more important than any in previous memory.  

Vote.  And vote for candidates who disavow such racism, fear and hatred.  Vote because your life might, quite literally, depend on it.

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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    A Timely Story-
    Saturday as I was returning home from a job I was greeted by a door-to-door campaign canvasser. She was obviously a Republican from the name of the candidate whose button she was wearing. Not particularly wishing to have a discussion with her I said hi, smiled and shook my head no. But undeterred, she came up to me and started her pitch. Nicely I told her there was absolutely nothing she could tell me that would make me vote for her guy and that I am well studied on this subject. That’s when the lady on the other side of the street came over for support.

    Letting them both have a shot, just to hear what they had to say, I answered that I will not give my vote to ANY member of a political party or organization that would run a person such as Donald Trump as their candidate for president of the United States. Even worse, do nothing to reign him in. I did not feel the need to say more as everybody knows who he is and what he does.
    One mentioned that he has done some good things to which I asked her to name a few.
    ‘Jobs are up’ was one. The ‘tax cut’ was another. My response was that he takes credit for anything perceived as to his good and no blame for anything not. He had nothing to do with employment and the tax cuts are small and temporary except for the wealthy whose are permanent and we will be left with the bill. So, tell me again please, or better yet, don’t.
    Good Day ladies.

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