Fatal Friday

Welcome, Truthseekers, to the Friday edition of the Malloy show.  Time for our weekly recap of all the news stories that captured our attention,delighted us, made us nauseous, outraged, incredulous, depressed, or angry. 

And there was something for everyone this week, wasn’t there?  Call in tonight and we’ll discuss them all: 877-996-2556!

BP’s oil spill bill climbs to $2.35bn

BP’s oil spill bill climbs to $2.35bn

Deepwater Horizon: Robot blunder sends more oil gushing into Gulf

BP has blown-out well in sights


BP shares hit 14-yr low, CDS widen on funding concerns


Experts Try to Gauge Health Effects of Gulf Oil Spill


Gulf oil spill: New face for BP disaster works Washington


Oil spill takes toll on tourism on Gulf Coast


BP-Style Extreme Energy Nightmares to Come


Stanley McChrystal saga proves it’s the quiet ones you have to watch


Now Obama should fire his bad policies


Obama hedges on July 2011 drawdown date for Afghanistan


Petraeus, Shmatraeus: What About The Policy?

Afghanistan: Trying to build the unbuildable nation

Obama losing Hill liberals on war

Supreme Court on transparency vs. anonymous speech

Congress Fails to Pass an Extension of Jobless Aid

Stymied by GOP, Democrats at loss on jobs agenda

Senate again rejects expanded spending package

Wall Street reform: What’s in the bill

Obama and Medvedev try diplomacy over a hamburger and fries

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  1. Rick

    Hello, Mike & Kathy. I am replying to something Mike mentioned on the air on Friday about the g20 in Toronto. Which relates to the latest developments as of Sunday night. I could no longer stand to hold this in any longer because I am extremely pissed that these traderous Toronto Police would turn against the masses and stiffle dissent in this way. So much for free speech! These FASCIST Police C!!CKSUCKERS are union members! These so-called police were not protecting the public, they were protecting the capitolist-fascist ruling class bastards that want to destroy the public, from the public! I am so angry about this and the way my fellow citizens were treated by these criminal protectors of the criminal ruling class! Sure I sound like a MARXIST! but I don’t care! They were arresting peacefull protestors for they’re opinion and speech! And hate speech laws do not apply to the corporate fascist ruling class! We can use hate speech against a class or(ruling class), but not against a race or ethnic background. Which is the way it should be! This relates to every problem that exists right now including the oil gusher in the Gulf. These protected bastards are all the same. Destroy the planet, and make all the peons slaves for the benefit of the powers that be! This is why I am a classist against the wealthy! Peace! to all working class people!

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