Fox and “These Friends of Ours”

Is there anything more vile or more idiotic than Fox News?

In the latest example of Orwellian doublethink, Fox “News” brought on an actual mafia member to lend (cough) authority and credibility to the ridiculous claim that the current crop of Democratic leaders are members of La Cosa Nostra. And they want to be taken seriously, Truthseekers.

According to Media Matters,  During the March 26 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends, co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Gretchen Carlson hosted Michael Franzese, the former caporegime of La Cosa Nostra’s Colombo crime family, to discuss similarities in the way Democratic leaders and progressive figures are “operating” and “the way we used to operate on the street.” Asked by Carlson what he would “call” Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Franzese replied that Geithner is “like an underboss to me. I mean, he’s doing the work of, you know, the whole family, and he’s kind of the guy out front, and looking to exercise control.”

As long as they’re trotting out the guys with shiny suits and flattened noses and lots of vowels in their names as political experts, maybe they ought to rename thir morning show: “Fox and These Friends of Ours.”

It gets worse.  The grammatically-challenged host Biran Killmeade then asked this former mafia member if it was  “a big stretch to think that, all of a sudden, The Washington, D.C., has become our Godfather?”  Huh? What is “The Washington DC” and how in the name of all that’s sane in the universe could any Fox “News” viewer take this “network” seriously as a news outlet?  Killmeade makes Dubya sound like a Rhodes Scholar.

Can you imagine Wolf Blitzer interviewing, say, “Fat Jimmy Two-Times” about his thoughts on the current North Korean missile tests? The neocons would go nuts.

But I forget, this is Fox “News” we’re talking about.  Their viewers will slurp up any drivel they pour onto the screen like a flood of rancid 7-11 Blue Raspberry Icees.

But wait a sec . . . all this sounds strangely familiar.  A group of politicians being compared to a mafia crime syndicate.   Hmmmmmm . . . . . where have I heard that analogy before?  Do the producers of the creatively named “Fox and Friends” morning show secretly listen to the Mike Malloy Show?  Might this be their bizarro-backward-world bastardization of the REAL organized criminal activity of Cheney, Runsfeld, Perle, Armitage, Rove, and other high-ranking members of The (very real and very dangerous) Bush Crime Family?

So, are the Fox “News” producers closet Malloy fans?  Do they huddle under their blankets at night with a penlight, notepad, and ipod (with headphones, of course, lest their neocon family members report them to the Thought Police that operate under the floor of Rupert Murdoch’s private office).

We’ll know for certain if Killmeade interviews economic experts Ted Nugent and Chuck Norris for a segment titled “Have I mentioned Yet Today How Much I Hate Obama’s Budget?”



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