Fracked Up

Score a small victory for the environment, at least in New York and West Virginia where judges have upheld  bans on the dangerous extraction of crude oil from shale rock known as “fracking.” 

If you saw the movie “Gasland” you know what a devastating process this can be.

Things aren’t as rosy in Ohio. Despite the risks, Ohio Gov. John Kasich has gone fracking crazy and opened up the state to be raped and punished limitlessly by BIG OIL.  TV NEWS LIES reports:

Governor John Kasich sent the message that Ohio was open for business, writing to energy company CEOs around the country, inviting them to partner with the state to make fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, a major component of his economic plan. Until last year, there were just a few wells operating in Ohio. There are now 40, and the governor’s spokesperson said next year there could be five times as many. Kasich says environmental protections and regulations are important to him, but the free-for-all so far has meant people and the environment have suffered. Not only has the process been linked to earthquakes and water contamination in the state, but the industry’s deceptive leasing practices are increasingly causing alarm among Ohioans.

Speaking of Ohio,  Huffington Post has this juicy little story:

A Democratic state lawmaker is asking the Ohio House speaker to apologize for a joke suggesting President Barack Obama should be jailed – but Republican William Batchelder says he won’t take back what he viewed as a light-hearted quip.

Rep. Vernon Sykes blasted the remark as “absolutely deplorable.”

Batchelder was introducing presidential candidate Rick Santorum to a crowd of about 1,200 at a Lincoln Day dinner Saturday. Batchelder said in suggesting Obama shouldn’t be re-elected: “The liberals are asking us to give Obama more time. And I think 25-to-life would be a good start.”

And how can the Teabaggers demand freedom from government intrusion into their lives while simultaneously supporting government intrusion into our reproductive systems?  I don’t get it.  Is controlling a woman’s body so important to the Neocon males that they are willing to raise and support all those babies they will create in and out of wedlock if women are denied contraceptives?  I just don’t see them all rushing to buy condoms or get vasectomies.  Outlaw abortions and female contraception and watch the baby boom. Are they ready to rival the Reality TV freaks with the multiple kiddies?  

Oh, and since they’re opposed to social spending, it seems they’re willing to raise all the babies they’ve fathered without any government assistance, subsidized prenatal care, or educational programs like head start. This could get interesting.  

And by the by, clowns, you’ll never stop abortions.  But you can return them to the backrooms and shade-tree providers and make them unsafe.  which do you prefer?


And we’ll recap last night’s circus show in Phoenix with the inane clown posse squaring off against Obama and each other over the issues, with Mittens seeming to have the edge over Jesus of Pennsylvania this go-round.  Can’t wait for Super Tuesday!  We might know which clown will be the last to tumble out of the toy car.

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