Freaky Friday

What a week Truthseekers!  From From the Benghazi hysteria to the alleged AP snooping and the fallout over the IRS’s possible misconduct in it’s investigation of tax-exempt groups, to the pointless attempts by the Necons to overturn the Affordable Care Act  . . . for the 37th time.  It’s been a whirlwind!

Lost in the partisan chaos, however, was coverage of the unspeakable horrors that are transpiring in Syria.  Too bad the media couldn’t spare a few minutes for this incredibly important story, which did not receive even as much attention and Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy. Pitiful.

Mike will discuss all the news makers –  and noisemakers  – of the week on the program tonight!

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  1. chucky

    And just how pissed off were you Reagan did it? Just how pissed off were you when that goddamned George W. Bush was blowing up countries for no good fucking reason?


    Let me tell you something you little twit. I’ve been pissed off about the shit country has been doing since 1982. That was when I started really understanding how truly corrupt this “government” really is. What about you Patty. How long have YOU been “outraged” about what this corrupt government has done in your name? Sounds to me it’s been since Obama got in. You never, ever mention anybody else but Obama. So just save your bullshit indignation for somebody who gives a fuck. Nobody here gives a fuck about your bullshit, you ignorant, stupid, little bitch. You’re out of your fucking league here.

  2. chucky

    One more thing dipshit. Just where are you getting your information? If it’s from “blogs”, then you’re a bigger idiot than I gave you credit for. Now go make Arch a turkey pot pie you twit.

  3. Denny NNWofLA

    Patty… When anyone posts articles or blogs to go to, do not
    ever expect anyone to do that. Not unless you make a compelling case to peak their interest. Otherwise it’s like reading indexes. You are correct in the statement that I do not read those blogs. Why would I? I was hoping that you could possibly shed some light on the Syrian situation, as we get very little information from the MSM. In fact though, I did read some of them in an attempt to understand where you are coming from.(why don’t you just tell us?) I found them to be full of opinionated ravings that just went on and on and when I woke up I remembered lots of “assumed knowledge” and much hyperbole.
    My hope was that you could provide some insight into this horrendous situation that has caused so much death, pain and suffering. But unfortunately your posts have been more like graffiti sprayed on a wall. I don’t know what they mean, they just look ugly.
    When you say terrorists, are you referring to the rebels? The freedom fighters? Do you you back Assad? I won’t attempt to put words in your mouth. I’m only suggesting clarity. The broad brushing use of terms means nothing, be specific. Thanks.

    BTW, You and Chucky have an announcement? Just kidding.

  4. Joni Ellsworth

    On tune in radio the latest shows are from 2011. Like fuck me. Also the podcasts don’t download right half the time. Okay, double fuck me. And while I am at at it, fuck the mike malloyy show.

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