Friday already?

Hard to believe it’s already December, Truthseekers!  According to ancient Mayan predictions, we all have three weeks to live!  That is, unless we fall off the fiscal cliff before then.  You might as well skip the trips to the mega malls, it’s all over Friday the 21st!  Gives an entire new meaning to “Black Friday,” doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, our useless representatives in Washington continue to blow spitballs and pull pigtails over whether or not to continue to enrichen the millionaires at the expense of the other 99% of working American taxpayers.  Seems the Republicans are more concerned with serving their corporate masters than their constituents.  When will the conservative voterswake up and realize that their Party has abandoned them?

Nevermind, with just 21 days to go it hardly seems mentioning.

Join Mike LIVE at 9pm ET for this and other topics that caught our attention this week!  Plus we will play political podcast trivia because, hey, we may wake up alive on the 22nd and it would be cool to have free podcast!  Call 877-996-2556!

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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    Harold Camping, are you listening?
    This may be your last shot at it,
    but then , who the hell would know
    if you were right this time. Maybe
    in your next life you could try
    selling used cars. You listening,
    Mitt? M-M-M, Kolob awaits.

    Sending some firewood to Mike…
    after the 22nd.

  2. chucky

    Denny….the real tragedy with assholes like Camping is that every time he “predicts” the rapture many of his 200,000+ dipshit listeners max-out their credit cards for his $72 million “Family Radio” lunatic bullshit, and some stupid bitch drowns her kids in the closest lake available so they won’t have to suffer through the tribulation.

    And this rat bastard just kicks back and says “Gee, sorry. My figures must have been off.”

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