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TGIF,  Truthseekers!

Everybody loves a party, isn’t that the truth?  And was there a better party this year than this week’s multi-state ditto-head garden party?  I wonder if Lipton is getting any royalties from this.  Sure is good publicity for the American Tea Federation or something.

And no one can argue that the neocon protesters have WAY more fun with their costumes than the Iraq war protesters do.  Much more festive.  But hey, you support an idiotic cause (like protesting your own tax cut), you get to dress up like an idiot!

Tax Day Protests

Wheeeee . . . . . !!!

With this week’s festivities in mind, here are the headlines that caught our attention this week:

FOX News’ “Fair And Balanced” Coverage: 107 Tea Party Protest Ads

What We Americans See of the Bush GOP and Bagged Tea – Is What We Get

Rich Campbell: ‘Tea Party’ participants in Martin County

Cable Anchors, Guests Use Tea Parties as Platform for Frat House Humor

Mainstream Media Passes on Tea Parties

It’s Still the Bush Economy

Culture of Conservative Paranoia Running Rampant on Fox News

Fox News anchors lash out at CNN reporter critical of Tea Party

Fox News, MSNBC prejudge ‘tea parties’

Hostage captain returns home, praises military

Vermont Town Set for Return of Rescued Captain

US lifts some restrictions on embryo stem cells

Ex-CIA chiefs slowed ‘torture memos’ release

Alleged al-Qaeda member: CIA used me to test brutal torture techniques

10 CIA torture tactics revealed

Torture techniques endorsed by the Bush administration

Dem Senator Speculated NSA Was Wiretapping Him

Feinstein plans wiretap hearings


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