Change in plans, Truthseekers.  Mike is an encore show tonight. He is not feeling well. And couple that with the loss of two of our very dear friends this week.  One is a personal friend you do not know, and the other is Bartcop.  A tireless warrior in the fight for truth and freedom.  Please visit and leave your condolences, and perhaps a donation to the Bartcop family.  If you didn’t know him, you should. If you did know him, you share our pain and grief.  He  fought the good fight for over two decades.  He lost his battle with leukemia today.  He will be sorely missed.

Join Mike Monday for a recap of all the news from the weekend.  Keep it lit. Now more than ever, we need to band together.



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  1. Donna R.

    Hello, I wanted to let you know, although you may well have already heard, that Bartcop of has died. I first heard about him on your show. His website was very informative and funny. Thanks.

  2. chucky

    Damn, I can’t believe the news about Bart. I really started getting into his website. I’m really sorry to hear about his passing. And also your friend. Being as I do not pray, I will be thinking about you guys this weekend, and hope you get some positive vibes.


  3. Debbie Metke

    Dear Mike and Kathy,

    I am sorry you aren’t feeling well but am especially sorry over the loss of the wonderful Bartcop and your other friend. Bart and you both got me through the horrible Bush/Cheney years. I am in real mourning today. I know you were kindred spirits. Hang in there, both of you. 🙁

  4. Denny NNWofLA

    Must be true, heard it on the TV…

    Rand Paul won the straw poll at the CPAC
    Clown Show. With 31% of the 2549 knuckle
    dragging baggers preferring him as their
    guy. Boy Ted Cruz came in a distant 2nd
    with a whopping 11%, followed by retired Neurosurgeon Ben Carson @9%, Two Faces @
    9%, the ever popular Scott Walker is in
    dead heat with Santorum (wonder about that one). Also left behind were Rubio, Perry
    and Eddie Munster. Dragging their asses
    far behind were Huckabee, Jindal, Sarah
    Palin and Condi Rice. WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO

    When can I VOTE ?!

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