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Welcome Truthseekers!  We are taking a little R-n-R beach trip before Molly resumes middle school August 7th.  Luckily, our good friend Bob Kincaid will be here to keep the campfire lit until we return!  Tune in to Bob Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday – then listen for special “Classic” Malloy Shows Thursday and Friday, curated especially for your listening pleasure from the deep archives (h/t Ben Burch and the WhiteRoseSociety).

Mike returns Monday August 7th with a fascism update!

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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    Reliable unnamed sources are reporting yet another possible shake-up in the White House’s communications department. President Trump has decided his spokes core is somewhat lacking in credibility due to the speakers and not the messages. Katrina Pearson, the bullet necklace woman, Sean Spicer, the one without bullets, Kellyanne Conway (who no news show will invite to come on),Sarah (the snarling slug) Huckabee and now the greasy-looking ‘Mr. Pink’ wanna-be Anthony Scaramucci, ‘all fall short in believability,” Trump is quoted as saying.

    In a surprise move to shore up trust in the administration’s ongoing efforts to maintain transparency and to hold the public’s trust, the report continues, Trump is set to name a new tried and true impeccably trusted and experienced spokesman, Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, better known as, Baghdad Bob to head his team.

  2. Joni Ellsworth

    Several days ago I sent an email to Kathy about my complaints and suggestions concerning the podcast of the show. Guess she didn’t see fit to answer me. Doesn’t anyone else find the long interruptions in the podcasts, and the frequent repititions of the same stale messages and ads, a bit annoying? I suggested to Kathy that a separate, ad and message-free version could be made available for an increased price. But I realize that might be too heavy a lift from a tech standpoint. As it is, renewing podcasts and subscribing are already an unuser-friendly clusterfuck for those like myself who are not tech-savvy.

    1. Denny NNWofLA

      Perhaps when they return from their VACATION she will surprise you by making podcasts great again.
      You’re gonna have great podcasts, the best podcasts! They will be the best podcasts ever. You won’t even believe how great they will be. You’re gonna get tired of how wonderful… what…?

      1. Joni Ellsworth

        You talk down to me like I am a Trump supporter, or worse, like you are as stupid as he is. I don’t appreciate you mocking me. I took the time to write a reasoned, heartfelt email to Kathy. Apparently she never checks her email or she does but just considers me a crank. Either way, it’s not nice. Maybe they should consider a permanent VACATION so Mike can work on his book that he said would be, if I am not mistaken, ready by October. LOL!!!!

        1. Denny NNWofLA

          I’ll tell you what’s not nice, Joni-
          That would be your continuous ragging on Mike and the show. Kathy even took the time to write to you (twice) on this blog during your last meltdown on June 1st. The world does not revolve around the planet Joni and there are much more important issues you and all of us should be focused on.
          On a positive note, I cannot help thinking you would be a perfect ex-wife for some grateful guy (or gal).

          1. Joni Ellsworth

            Okay if you call making positive suggestions “ragging” on the show. Have you ever listened to the podcasts? If so, I defy you to tell me that the interruptions are not extremely annoying. I think it’s rich that the so-called progressives here are acting very authoritative and anti-democratic when it comes to handling constructive criticism. But just go ahead and mock me as being a perfect ex-wife. I can play that game with you too, but it’s beneath me.

  3. Doctor Who(Jay G)

    Joni, is it surprising? These “phony” Liberals/Progressives are still blaming Stein voters, the working class who are fed up with Neoliberalism, Russia, Comey, etc..etc..for Hillary losing. They also seem to be Democratic apologists that are apparently blind to the utter incompetence of the Democratic leadership(Pelosi especially). While they also lap up the obvious propaganda of mainstream, corporate media outlets that intentionally ignore the important issues. Such as the “Washington Post” who smears Bernie and progressive policies. Who also happen to have a $600 Million dollar deal with the CIA. And don’t get me started on Rachel Maddow and Joy Ann Reid!

    You are absolutely correct. I am seeing people who are supposedly on the “Left” acting very authoritative and anti-democratic. Especially in the mainstream media. They are even using a term to now smear/attack the real progressives that are fighting to make America a Democracy. That term is the “Alt-Left”. Because they see us as a threat to the oligarchy. Understand that they have spent over forty years destroying the “New Deal” legislation and they don’t want anything to change. Many are just being paid extraordinarily well to tow the line. I know you get the feeling that you’re stuck in a “Twilight Zone” episode and there’s no escape. I certainly do.

  4. Doctor Who(Jay G)

    But concerning the ads and breaks in the Malloy podcast. I generally just fast forward through what I don’t wish to hear. I must admit, I haven’t been listening much to Malloy as of late. It’s all Trump and Russia. I can get enough of that BS through the mainstream media. I wish Mike would read “Manufacturing Consent” again and pay more attention to independent, progressive media online(Alternet, Truthdig, Real News, Naked Capitalism, TYT Politics, etc..). He would then be better informed and less likely to fall for propaganda coming out of the mainstream, corporate media. That is exactly what Jimmy Dore, Kyle Kulinski, and Mike Figueredo are doing. They are among the best progressive talkers out there.

  5. Denny NNWofLA

    During Monday night’s show going into a break Mike answered an emailer’s ‘constructive criticism’ regarding the show and all the other shows she could be listening to. Although he did not mention a name, the description matched a certain and all too familiar and oft-recurring ragging found here and was properly addressed. Nice.. Mike’s back!

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