Thanks, Portland, It Was Great!

Thank you, Portland Oregon Truthseekers, for your years of faithful listenership to The Mike Malloy Show on KPOJ!  Sorry to say, effective immediately that station is no longer broadcasting progressive talk radio.  We truly  appreciate and value your support and hope you will continue to listen to the program through our podcasts.

Now more than ever before, the progressive talk format is under attack, and this is particularly true for those of us who attempt to operate outside the umbrella of a corporate media employer. We cannot stress enough the importance of your support to help us remain on the air.  If you can, please consider a sponsorship, paypal donation, or podcast subscription (makes a great gift!) so we can continue to “keep it lit” into the future.

Again, many thanks to all of you for your efforts over the years.  We cannot do it without you!



It’s Friday, Truthseekers, and we can all breathe a little easier and relax and enjoy the weekend now that the electoral madness is behind us . . . for a little bit.  Now that Romryan are distant memories in the minds of the media, the cameras turn to Congress and the new meme – “fiscal cliff.” 

Will House Speaker and merlot aficionado John :: hic :: Boehner put on his big boy pants and play nice with the Democrats now that the voters have spoken in record numbers? Will he lead an effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act? Raise the debt ceiling? Will Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid maintain their respective leadership positions?

When do the American Idol auditions begin?

And it’s Friday, so join us for political podcast trivia LIVE at 9PM ET! One Truthseeker with the correct answer to this evening’s trivia question wins a FREE annual subscription to the premium Malloycasts! Call 877-996-2556 to play and win!

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  1. Philip Racuel

    Remember the other night when I was talking to Mike about right wing prooaganda flooding the airwaves here in San Diego?

    Clear Channel Media and Entertainment owns KPOJ. When they got rid of KLSD here in San Diego they told us the same damn thing. Station was not making money even though the spot sales (commercials) were just as good as KOGO…their conservative radio station with a super tower that reachesd to LA. KLSD had a werak tower that barely reached to North County San Diego.

    Screw the arbitron ratings…Clear Channel has done this in other cities as well…last one I heard was in Ohio.

    People in Portland should be extremely pissed off.

  2. Jon

    Clear Channel Media owns Fox Sports Radio by deal with Murdoch to compete with ESPN radio. Clear Channel can make more money selling ads to fewer sponsors if they are played on more stations in more city markets (radio clusters). Bain Capital forced Clear Channel, by running up corporate debt, to outsource ad sales from local stations to a syndicator who can charge a national advertiser more because the same ad is heard in more cities. See the film Broadcast Blues and consult for help on filing complaints for placement in the public file of all Clear Channel Portland cluster stations and how to challenge license renewals. Mike Pence, who pressed FCC to repeal Fairness Doctrine by end of 2011, was just elected gov of Indiana succeeding Mitch ‘right to work law signer’ Daniels. Public airwaves in IN already slanted against any perspectives Pence disagrees with. Greg Walden, OR rethuglican, helped Pence in 2011 Fairness Doctrine repeal effort.

  3. Fruit-for-Peace

    Pardon my french, but what the FUCK is going ON!?! We Portlanders have been BITCHING and TRYING to make complaints about how the sports BULLSHIT has been slowly infiltrating our “progressive talk” station for a long time now!

    First it was BULLSHIT sports during the first hour of the Norman Goldman show, and now it’s the WHOLE FUCKING THING!?! Jesus MARY and Joseph!!!! 🙁

    I flipped on the radio last night as I haven’t had a television in over 14 years so I ALWAYS have the radio on in the background, and it was SPORTS during the second hour of Norman Goldman, so I just flipped the switch over to NPR. I log on here at Mike Malloy and find out the bad news HERE!?! Why in the FUCK were we not WARNED about this from our OWN local KPOJ station!?!

    I can NOT fucking BELIEVE that here in “little Beirut” we are unable to support a “progressive talk” radio station! As a matter of FACT, I KNOW it was making money! Shit, Thom Hartmann was living and broadcasting here and used to BE the local morning show before he started doing his national show, and he used to talk about how KPOJ was doing GREAT and bringing in revenue like CRAZY!

    This is absolutely just a BULLSHIT maneuver by the right-wing media MOTHER FUCKERS that have SEIZED the majority of the media market in their attempts to SILENCE anything even remotely resembling the truth! If this isn’t a PERFECT example of WHY the media monopolies need to be BUSTED, then nothing ever will prove it! FUCKERS! DAMN, MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  4. chucky

    Fruit….screw KPOJ man. Just do as I do. Click on Malloys “Look/Listen” tab at the top of the page. Click on the “Listen to our stream” tab. The stream will work on Windows Media Player. And the best part is you can save the stream into your library. Only if there is an issue with that stream will I resort to a radio station.

    The bottom line is this: AM radio is being taken over by the Nazi regime of the republikkklan party. Fine. Fuck them. They can have it. Frankly, it’s turned into a shithole of Obama apologists, comedians, and spineless dumbasses, and then you can find at least 3 stations in that same area carrying that goddamn fat ass Limbaughs shitty program. Who needs it? Not me!!!!!!!!! Personally, I wish Malloy would switch to just Internet, or strickly Sirius. That way he could truly cut loose and not worry about the obscenity limitations. It’s how a lot of us feel anyway. So fuck the radio stations. It’s time to abandon them just like they’ve abandoned us.

  5. glenn_uk

    All very well to say “We truly appreciate and value your support and hope you will continue to listen to the program through our podcasts.”

    If there’s no podcast available, that’s kind of tough to do.

  6. Thomas

    Except for some low-power stations that can reach out to very few people, Oregonians are now blacked-out from Progressive Talk radio. Bottom line: If folks can’t hear them on their AM car, portable or home radios, then Progressive show just won’t have much real political influence. Hey Mike & Kathy, get in touch with KBBR 1340 AM in Coos Bay to see if they will carry your show late at night when they broadcast Coast-to-Coast instead of a progressive show.

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