Good Friday

So – how many Cabinet members and top White House officials are absent? 


Nobody at home in the State Department, or the VA when Putin decides to test some kind of wicked missile that can’t be shot down.  That’s kind of freaky, right?  

No National Security Adviser, either, which might be for the best because Bolton might launch an armed response.  And hit Iran.

Tinyhands is hiding out at Mar a Lago, hoping no other nude models or porn stars try to depose him over the weekend.  Hope he soon finds a competent lawyer – sure looks like he’ll need it when Mueller’s subpoena hits his desk.  But maybe nobody will be there to deliver it, as Hope Hicks is gone and looks like Kelley is next.  So much #winning.  CNN has more:

Several of President Donald Trump’s outside advisers have told him over the past week he requires neither a chief of staff nor a communications director, at least in the traditional definition of those jobs, according to a person familiar with the conversations.

Trump has absorbed the advice, but offered little indication whether he’s interested in taking it, the person said. He’s been warned by other confidants that it’s impossible to run the West Wing without a chief of staff.
There are no signs Trump is ready to dismiss top aide John Kelly. But the option of running his White House without a chief of staff has been planted in Trump’s mind, and he’s not rejected it outright, the person said.
He’s begun working around Kelly on a number of fronts, including during some phone calls with foreign leaders, on certain policymaking decisions, and in executing some of the past month’s staffing changes, people familiar with the matter said. 
Without a chief of staff, advisers have told Trump he would exert more control over which policies are prioritized, including his beloved border wall.
Hicks was named communications director in September after a succession of aides came and went in the job. In reality, however, Hicks occupied a role far greater than simply communications director, acting as the President’s closest non-family aide.
The post-Hicks era is a vast unknown for aides, who worry Trump will unravel without the near-constant presence of his sounding board and interpreter. Since she announced she was leaving the White House, Hicks has only been in the West Wing intermittently. This has resulted, at times, in the President summoning her to the Oval Office — “Hope! Hopey!” — when she’s not there.

Hopey!   HOPEY!!!   Hooooo-peeeeeee . . .. ?????

Last one out lock the doors.


Have a wonderful weekend, we are on Spring Break next week.  Be nice to Bob Kincaid Mon. – Thurs. and enjoy a classic Malloy on 4/6.  Mike returns LIVE on Monday the 9th!






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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    In the latest White House shakeup, president Trump has fired first Lady Melania this morning via Tweet while vacationing this weekend at his Mar-a-Lago estate. According to WH spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the president is in a jovial mood following the departure of that “gloomy-looking b*tch” and is expected to replace her with an terrific upbeat woman that loves playing grab-hand, has a great sense of humor and is a kindred spirit – Rosanne Barr.

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