Groundhog Day

Six more weeks of Trump.  And 10 months to the midterms, which may be the most important US off-year election in history.

The memo has landed. Is this the beginning, Truthseekers, of the end of Trump, or the beginning of the end of the Mueller investigation?  

It’s stunning to see the Trump surrogates out in force today, trying to blame the Clinton campaign for colluding with the Russians (!) and reinforce the fake news that this Nunes memo somehow proves the FBI leadership is plotting to remove Trump.  Leadership, mind you, Trump himself selected.  

Trump is truly the Teflon Don.  He’s conned or otherwise coerced the GOP heavy hitters to dive headfirst into his cesspool of lies.  Paul Ryan will not be remembered kindly in the history books, and the entire current crop of crooked congressmen will be branded as complicit in this scandal.

They have made their bed with this reality TV star, real estate con artist, and sexual abuser, and there is no coming back from that.  They are siding with the grifter over the career public servants in our criminal Justice system.  

People who often risk their lives to protect Americans from terrorism, drug trafficking, human sex trade, child pornographers, and other federal crimes.  Like criminal money laundering, tax fraud, obstruction of justice, racketeering, perjury, and conspiracy with a foreign enemy.

The GOP is siding with the lying conman, fake university operator turned reality TV Star over the FBI, solely to protect this criminal from prosecution of his crimes!  WTF, did they all wake up one day and decide they wanted to destroy the GOP and their political careers?

And what a gift to Putin this whole scandal has been.  The chaos and division is greater than he could’ve ever hoped for.  Remember, the Ruskies thought Hillary would win.  Hell, so did Trump!  This is just a gift that keeps on giving, kinda like those Russian nesting dolls.  There’s always just one more black mark to add to the American global brand.

The stock market reacted to the memo with a massive dip, so Wall Street wasn’t convinced that Dear Leader could safely avoid criminal prosecution.  

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  1. DennyNNWofLA

    Kathy, I sincerely hope this GOP fabricated ‘memo’ will backfire and become the rope that is used to hang each one of these rancid fucks!

    Stunning not to (so far) see Trump / Russia surrogates all over this page saying, “See, Nothing There.”
    Tom, David, Carol, and Who… where are you?!

    1. DennyNNWofLA

      Right about now, I’m more concerned about the game tomorrow.
      Flu-like symptoms are reported to be going around in the Philadelphia team, team causing concern that if Herr Twitler hears about ill Eagles playing against America’s Patriots, he may cancel the game and have the entire team deported.

      What Arch thinks? C’mon, Bro-

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