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How many more dead children does it take, Truthseekers, to stop the endless flow of senseless violence that is claiming the lives of our innocent sons and daughters in the name of “gun rights?”

Newtown wasn’t enoug





h. It’s never enough. Worse, it seemed to serve as a rallying cry for the NRA and its collection of deranged cowards who – after the slaughter – redoubled their efforts to make sure unrestricted guns rights were preserved rather that the lives of schoolchildren.

The NRA is not going to temper it’s roootin’ tootin’ shootin’ rhetoric anytime soon. As if they weren’t extremist enough, their New Gun Boss James Porter is a former Alabama attorney who devoted his life to protecting weapons manufacturers from the threat of lawsuits filed by the family members of men, women, boys, girls shot dead by the guns made and sold by his clients.

Porter calls Obama a “fake President” and warns that the President will seek “revenge” against gun owners who opposed any safety measures. Is that not the clearest example of delusional paranoia outside the pages of the DSM V???

Porter refers to his clan as “freedom fighters,” defenders of the God-given right to own guns. Or military-style assault rifles. Or semi-automatic machine guns. Or pretty much anything that’s BIG and long and made of shiny metal and goes BOOM and makes things dead.

He might be voted the grandpa most likely to buy his little granddaughter a pretty pink polka-dotted “Crickett” rifle from “My First Gun.”

There were many options, colors, fun patterns and miniature accessories for these little toddler-sized weapons of death listed in the online catalog . . . . before the company took down their “Crickett” website in the wake of the horrifying shooting of the 2-year-old by her 5-year-old brother in Burkesville, KY last week. The boy used a .22 caliber rifle designed, one supposes, to fit the grip of a kindergartner. This is madness. This is obscenity.

Good thing people who know how to use the “Internets” took lots of screen shots from their web site before it was pulled. The photographs posted on the “kids corner” were particularly disturbing.

(By the way, how do the Uber-Right Congressmen maintain that a 15-year-old is too young to purchase “Plan B” birth control, but a 5-year-old is plenty old enough to own and operate a rifle? But I digress . . . .)

The Burksville killing was just the next unnecessary childhood gun tragedy, certainly not the last one. Not even the only one that week, as reports:

  • the 5-year-old in Mountain Village, Alaska, who died after she was unintentionally shot by her 8-year-old brother who was playing with a Ruger 10/22 rifle that he had used the day before to go hunting
  • the 6-year-old in Pace, Florida, who was hospitalized after she was unintentionally shot while playing with a handgun with another small child.
  • the 4-year-old in Tuckahoe, Virginia, who was shot in the leg by his 10-year-old brother who had found his father’s .38 caliber handgun under a dresser. Their mother had taken it out the night before because she had thought she heard noises outside and didn’t put it back into the lockbox where it is usually kept.
  • the 3-year-old in Yuma, Arizona, who died after he shot himself with his grandmother’s handgun.

In Alabama, while favorite son James Porter was being crowned King of the Gun, his home state bore yet another child gun victim last week. A Brighton, AL, 4-year-old boy was shot in the head by his 4-year-old cousin while they were playing in the boy’s bedroom. The boy is still in critical condition following surgery. In “God’s hands” now, right?

And down the road in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a 6-year-old girl was shot in the chest by her 13-year-old brother while playing hide and seek.

Yup, that was just one week. Another handful of little victims, all in the Sesame Street demographic. Does the NRA care? (yawn . . .)

You have to ask, who is the NRA servicing with their “God-given rights” and “pry it outta my cold dead fingers” chest-thumping? Certainly not our children. The God-n-Guns cretins must maintain a beastly image of their “God” if they believe a loving God would sacrifice little children to protect their right to own assault rifles. But, then, again . . .

Speaking of freedom and rights, what about the basic right to remain alive? These trigger-happy and possibly penile-challenged Neanderthals (87% of the NRA membership is “male”)  are the same people who would bomb an abortion clinic to stop physicians from terminating a pregnancy, but don’t even wince when a fully formed first grader is gunned down in a classroom?

Sound right to you, Truthseekers?

Dozens of dead school children in Newtown last December. Dozens more shootings of children every month since. When does it stop? Will our society ever value children more than bullets? Must we wait until their tiny bodies pile all the way up to heaven before we have any sensible regulation of these death machines?

In the bigger picture, can you imagine what it would be like to live in a society where we spent as much time, money, and energy on keeping people alive as we do making them dead?

But again, I digress . . . .


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This article has 12 comments

  1. chucky

    Well said Kathy. You couldn’t have said it any better. I wonder if this jackass Porter would feel the same way if it was one of HIS kids or grandkids getting shot and killed?

    God given right to own a gun? What about my god given right to not get shot in the goddamned head by one of these psychos? Why don’t you NRA scumbags have anything to say about THAT? You right-wing trolls feel free to answer, provided you have the balls to get punked out.

    1. Glockslinger

      Show me one instance of recent high-profile shootings where the shooter was an NRA member. Yes, indeed, the shooters at Sandy Hook, Aurora CO and Tucson AZ were “psychos” — in treatment and/or on medications for mental issues. They didn’t go to NRA conventions. Porter may be a tea bagger and even a bigot, but what about Colion Noir, who just joined the NRA team because of his viral videos on YouTube? He, along with many in the black community, “get it” when it comes to gun rights. Rick Ector, in my state of MI, has jam-packed attendance in his CPL classes (our version of concealed carry). Oh, and he’s a black NRA firearms instructor.

      So what is your ideal response to an armed attacker? Harsh language? The only sane, rational response is to be armed yourself. Police in Detroit recently told visitors to “enter at your own risk,” and told residents, “you’re on your own.” So… would you be there unarmed? Yes, you have a right to life, but like all others, it’s your responsibility to protect it. That’s reality.

  2. Denny NNWofLA

    Just checked out the pics from the NRA Gun Show. I saw four blacks and hundreds and hundreds of whites, mostly male and
    older. Of course there was something for everybody, from the ever-popular “Don’t Tread On Me” flags, Glenn Beck posters, lots of ammo,guns of every size and description including riffles for the kids in red, blue, orange, green and yellow.

    Imagine, instead of 99+% whites, it was 99+% blacks in attendance. Think we might get some real serious firearms responsibility and get it immediately?

  3. Glockslinger

    It’s nice to see that they let low information voters have talk shows. While everyone mourns the deaths of the children of Sandy Hook, Ms. Malloy is as accurate with her blame as George Bush Jr. was in invading Iraq for 9/11. The NRA and American gun culture (which includes many parents) has ZERO to do with criminal culture; it has nothing to do with the mentally ill committing violent crime. They have nothing to do with school shootings. Nor do the people who make the Cricket firearm, which isn’t marketed towards kids, but parents who want to teach their kids about firearms at an early age, just as we teach them all aspects of living in a dangerous world. Making size/age appropriate rifles is no more evil than making size/age appropriate computers. What failed in the case of the recent shooting was a PARENTAL failure; rifles are meant to be used under parental supervision. In fact, considering how long these rifles have been around and how many parents have purchased them, they have an exemplary history of safety compared to any number of other items a parent buys their children.

    Why should the NRA “temper” its message when it is under constant (and undeserved) attack? It might be fair to take their new president to task for making stupid statements, but the NRA is doing what any lobby does. Meanwhile, the bloody shirt wavers at the VPC and Brady Campaign aren’t “tempering” their misguided spew! Why the double-standard? Did it ever occur to Ms. Malloy that guns have a benefit? That our society, as we know it, could not exist without them? Does she know that more lives are saved each year than taken (war aside, of course)? Yes, gun violence is out of control and we can and should do more to reduce it. Trouble is, you’ve got to aim at the correct target! It’s not NRA members shooting up schools. Gang members don’t get legal CCW permits. Responsible parents don’t leave guns around for their kids to pick up. You’ll solve nothing casting blame at the wrong people. This “truth seeker” doesn’t think it sounds right. It sounds like Ms. Malloy needs to get educated on guns and gun politics.

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