Happy Newspeak!

Truthseekers, celebrate the end of 2016 and rejoice for the new 2017 . . . . can’t be as bad, right?

We are an “encore” classic Malloy show tonight, but will return LIVE on Monday the 2nd to start the Trump countdown clock.

Keep it lit – and be safe this weekend, Truthseekers.  The amateurs are on the roads . . .

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  1. carol

    Happy New Year to all youse seekers!  It’s the 31st here now and I can see the new year from my back door….  wait! maybe that’s Russia!  The truly great nation that can pull off all these operations with no proof available for us to see. They are really amazing.  

    1. John Henni

      I too think it’s fishy that we’re being told that Putin himself is behind all the hacking, but why don’t the FBI and CIA intervene and put the skids on Trump’s inauguration? I mean if they know that Russian agents helped Trump win what are the waiting for?

  2. Jason Rantz

    I suppose you 2 old shit bags are as pissed off as Hillary and Obama that the War in Syria is over huh? Stinking death worshipers from Hell you all are. Dont come back in 17. Go be with George Michael in the homo heaven I mean Homo Hell

  3. George Hublitz

    Thanks for another year Mike and Kathy. You have again kept me informed and enraged in my bed ridden disabled life. Your TRUTH SPOKEN is what I need to hear. And YAY – To Molli. All my Love to you both and to all fellow Truthseekers everywhere. ,, George H.

  4. Doctor Who

    When I’m just starting to think that I’m in the “Twilight Zone” concerning my Liberal brethren(red scare fear-mongering), it is wonderful folks like you Carol that keep me from tearing my hair out.

    All of a suddenly, we NOW trust the CIA?! Sorry but I’m not trusting the CIA, the Democratic/Republican establishment or the mainstream, corporate media. I want the sources and the evidence. And even if the Russians did do the hacking, why should we condone corruption and allow it to be kept under wraps? The American people are entitled to know that this sort of thing is going on in our political system. This is just absolute insanity. When the left starts believing everything they hear from just any media outlet, politician, or pundit exactly as the right-wing lemmings, you know that we are doomed!

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