Here Come De Judge

Roger Stone, that escapee from a Tod Browning movie, made a typically buffoonish performance in court today, causing the judge he had threatened on social media to imply she could “adjust his environment” if he didn’t STFU. 

We’ve said it before and it can’t be overstated, never has the White House been visited by such an oddball assortment of freaks:  the Omarosa wedding, the dumpster diving Chief of Staff, Kanye&Kim, Jerome Corsi, Kid Rock, Nugent, Kim Jong Un, Kelleyanne, Whittaker, Cohen, Sanders, Giuliani, Manafort, Hannity, Scaramoochi, Gorka, Alex Jones, the Trump kids, Melania, Gingrich….

Then there are the creatures that slid out of the ooze when Trump drained the swamp: Wilbur Ross, Tom Price, Scott Pruitt, Wheeler, DeVos, Mnuchin, Neilson, Acosta, Zinke……  

Even if none had committed the slightest offense, they are so outside the norm of Executive Office officials and visitors they seem to have arrived via a portal to an alternate dimension.  Like “Counterpart” meets the D.C. Comics Supervillians.

Michael Cohen testifies next week, and -gasp- the Mueller Report might be released! I can’t wait, I hope it’s illustrated.  A graphic novel would be nice. 

Trump will be in Vietnam visiting his weird hair twin.  Because of course he is.


In December we told you changes were coming to our broadcast. So sorry for this delay, it was completely unintentional. We are waiting for a new website, new video stream, and BOOK DELIVERY DATE to be finalized and thought it would’ve been by now.

But we underwent an unscheduled change in business structure, which threw a monkey wrench into our plans.  Good news is we are still on track to make these positive changes soon and think we will be on stronger footing moving forward.

Also, we had so much fun the first time, we are planning another Malloy Mountain Getaway, probably in early June.  We are researching options for lodging and locale and think we will have something very special to announce soon!

Thank you for your patience, and for keeping it lit around the campfire all these years.  Good things are on the horizon!

– The Malloys 

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