Here She Is . . . Miss GOP . . . .

missusa1She may have lost the crown over her answer rejecting gay marriage (and lost any hope of going on “Ellen”), but Miss California Carrie Prejean  has won the creaking hearts of many a member of the Ralph Reed Right in this country!

According to, “The Miss USA contestant – who has been all over the news for telling judge Perez Hilton that she believes marriage ought to be reserved for a man and woman – sat down with Fox News this week and actually said the ordeal is simply a test from God.”

Next God asked her to take off most of her clothes and parade about in front of millions of people in a skimpy bikini.  And again, she passed God’s test!  Isn’t Jesus awesome?

Take heart, Carrie. You may have lost the big crown, but I’m sure God has bigger and better things in store for you.  Like, maybe, like, I’m so sure you could totally be Governor someday!  Wicked cool!  Just like that former bitchin’ beauty queen and homophobic uber-Christian from Alaska!

Tell me, why is this a top news story again?

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