Ho Ho No!

It’s been awhile, Truthseekers, since there’s been a new blog on this page and I sincerely apologize.  It’s a New Year’s Resolution of mine to provide more original content in 2012.  But for now, with creative juices depleted by an overdose of wrapping paper and eggnog, I hope you’ll indulge a bit of holiday hilarity in the space.  Below are some stories I think you might enjoy.  If not, then check back here early January for something completely different!

Girl Threatens to Kill Santa and Cook Reindeer if He Doesn’t Deliver Justin Bieber

Thief Steals Salvation Army Kettle

North Miami Beach officer fired for Santeria Birdseed Plot

Store sells out of canned reindeer after protest

Man Stuck in Own Chimney for Hours

Police issue gift cards instead of tickets

Santa sacked in bed racing event

Family Values Mayor Bills Citizenry for Gay Sex Toy

Portland police arrest man after alleged ‘Star Wars’ light saber assault at Toys R Us

Wal*Mart Prompts Mass Bird Suicide

Newt Gingrich’s EMP Doomsday Fantasy

Woman called emergency services to report theft of snowman

Giant mound of tires in SC visible from space


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