Holy Father, Who Art in Washington….

What was that today, Truthseekers?  Trump has his first full cabinet meeting and they take turns ’round the table paying homage to their Dear Leader.  It was what you’d expect to see in N. Korea.  Honestly, Reince Priebus sounded like he was praying to him: “On behalf of the entire senior staff around you Mr. President we thank you for the opportunity and blessing that you’ve given us to serve your agenda and the American people and we’re continuing to work very hard every day to accomplish those goals.”

Amen. Now kiss his Majesty’s ring and back out of the chamber slowly, head bowed.

Now that the cabinet has had a chance to cozy up to the crazy cheeto up close and personal, maybe they will now invoke that 25th amendment and end our suffering.

And the Queen and Prince, er, Barron have returned to he palace.  Maybe HRH will tweet less now that he has a nnearby pu@@y to grab, something to occupy his fingers.

His first test will come tomorrow as Attorney General Sessions testifies n an open session about his previous lies about his meetings with Russian officials and his part in the Comey firing.  Another blockbuster summer must-see television event!  Trump got his wish, his new reality TV show is a certified hit.

Take that, Arnold.

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  1. TJ

    · McCrrystal, Petraeus, who they heaped tons of praise for were above the law as well … Al Franken, Liz Warren, Sanders and the Killery clones are LIBERAL IN NAME ONLY ….Hollyweird would like you to believe that actors, directors, screenwriters, and TV stars CARE and ARE LIBERAL, and ‘PROGRESSIVE’ esp. on gender/ identity issues MEANWHILE their propaganda films push always for ore WARMONGERING, RUTHLESS KILLING, like prototype facist Democrat Party Killery machine – spews the same mentality of mindliess war as AMERICAN SNIPER, HURT LOCKER, AND THE LATEST JAMES BOND FLICK, heaped with praise and legitimized with Oscars and awards. Those ‘evil foreigners’ Russians, Arabs, made the scapegoat for endless fear/conflict cottage industry of death and insanity and gun brandishing weapon product placement … Hollyweird ain’t LIBERAL they just play Progressives on TV – it’s just like EVERYTHING ELSE about this rancid Democrat Party – merely a trapping, a prop, and window dressing – like these poorly scripted ‘blame the Saudis’ articles FOR ALL THE AMERICAN CARNAGE.

    Bernie Sanders Voting Record Antithetical To His Purported Anti-War Stance

  2. Denny NNWofLA

    After what we saw during his over-seas road show with Melania swatting away that tiny grabber, I don’t think he’s going to get them on any parts of pu@@y. As far as a big summer hit, well, try avoiding seeing the Big Cheeto- and you cannot. He’s on the lobby flat-screen in every office building I enter. It’s like in the ’56 film “1984”, except the images are in color and HD. Sickening!

  3. Pam

    Even Chomsky is forced to admit the Trump – Russia plot is transparently fake news because the actors on PBS, NBC, CBS, CNN and Democracy Now are worse than a middle school level stage play. The reason Chomsky deserves no respect is because he endorsed Hitlery.

    War is a lie we don’t believe in anymore.

    Wahabbi is a sauce.

    It’s war for oil.

    It’s oil for war.

    It’s war for Big Defense.

    That sounds like 3 things, but actually it is only one.

    And Sanders and Clinton can take their semantics and shove it.

  4. Pam

    Progressivism is dead. After they put all their eggs in Sanders / Clinton, basket their name is mud. Progressive Democrat media tried every sleazy trick, crying wolf to elect the crooked Clintons. Now that their audience is gone they hope a Trump witch hunt will increase ad clicks, and get advertisers and web donations.

    Nobody is gonna go see Michael Moore and his stupid Trump movie, Hillary lost for a reason, people like me didn’t show up because she was a corrupt warmonger threatening to invade and escalate war
    in multiple countries.

    By contrast Trump wanted to fix America at home, not police the world. So now, the Mockingbird press – controlled by the CIA: NBC,CNN, CBS,NYT,WAPO – angry they didn’t their war escalations,- conjured up a fake Trump-Russia conspiracy financially backed by Soros and Democrat boosters, while trying to create a climate of fear among the allies to spark more military conflict abroad.

    Bernie Sanders’ Dubious “Our Revolution” Initiative. Fake Leftist “Big Money Politics”

    By Stephen Lendman

    He’s no more a progressive revolutionary than any other member of Congress, nor Washington’s bipartisan criminal class, bureaucrats included – Sanders a card-carrying member throughout his deplorable political career.

    Endorsing Hillary Clinton after rhetorically campaigning against what she represents exposed his duplicity – a progressive in name only. An opportunist for his own self-interest, he wants his extended 15 minutes of fame made more long-lasting.

    Claiming his new initiative “will fight to transform America and advance the progressive agenda (he) believe(s) in” belies his deplorable House and Senate voting records, on the wrong side of most major issues, especially supporting most US wars of aggression.

    A separate Sanders Institute intends operating like his Our Revolution initiative. Maybe his real aim is cashing in on his high-profile persona – including a new book due out in mid-November titled “Our Revolution: A Future To Believe In.”

    Save your money. Its contents are clear without reading it – the same mumbo jumbo he used while campaigning.

    It excludes his deplorable history of promising one thing, doing another, going along with Washington scoundrels like Hillary to get along, betraying his loyal supporters – the real Sanders he wants concealed.

    On August 24, The New York Times said his Our Revolution initiative “has been met with criticism and controversy over its financing and management.”

    It’s “draw(ing) from the same pool of ‘dark money’ (he) condemned” while campaigning. After his former campaign manager Jeff Weaver was hired to lead the group, “the majority of its staff resigned,” said The Times – described as “eight core staff members…”

    “The group’s entire organizing department quit this week, along with people working in digital and data positions.” They refused to reconsider after Sanders urged them to stay on.

    A major concern is the group’s tax status as a 501(c)(4) organization able to get large donations from anonymous sources – meaning the usual ones buying influence, letting Sanders pretend to be progressive and revolutionary while operating otherwise.

    Claire Sandberg was the initiative’s organizing director. “I left and others left because we were alarmed that Jeff (Weaver) would mismanage this organization as he mismanaged the campaign,” she explained.

    She fears Weaver will “betray its core purpose by accepting money from billionaires and not remaining grassroots funded and plowing that billionaire cash into TV instead of investing it in building a genuine movement.”

    Vermont GOP vice chairman Brady Toensing blasted Sanders for “preach(ing) transparency and then tr(ying) to set up the most shadowy of shadowy fund-raising organization to support” what he claims to endorse.

    “What I’m seeing here is a senator who is against big money in politics, but only when” it applies to others, not himself, Toensing added.

    Campaign Legal Center’s Paul S. Ryan said “(t)here are definitely some red flags with respect to the formation of this group…We’re in a murky area.”

    Is Sanders’ real aim self-promotion and enrichment? Is his Our Revolution more a scheme than an honest initiative?

    Is it sort of like the Clinton Foundation, Sanders wanting to grab all he can – only much less able to match the kind of super-wealth Bill and Hillary amassed?

  5. Pam

    A Tale of Two Protests

    One was on the front pages – the other was practically ignored
    by Justin Raimondo Posted on March 29, 2017


    “?The left, today, is worse than useless – they’re an obstacle, perhaps the greatest obstacle, to peace. The “liberals” who are the mass base of the Democratic party have been rapidly transformed into left-neocons, whose virulent ranting against Russia has made them into NATO’s most loyal foot-soldiers. This also goes for those “leftist” hustlers who exist on the Democratic party periphery, like Bernie Sanders and his supporters, who exist solely to raise the flag of the “left”-wing – and then hurriedly haul it down once they’ve been gypped out of making any gains by the party leadership.

    It’s true that there are people on the left, like Glenn Greenwald and the folks over at Consortium News, for example, who are sincere in their opposition to the neocon-ization of American liberalism, but their isolation and small numbers only highlight the fact that they are lone voices in the wilderness, drowned out by the Eric Boehlerts and Adam Schiffs.

    So – where are we? What does the current political landscape look like for those of us who are fighting for a rational foreign policy?

    On the left, as I’ve said, there is nothing – zero, zilch, nada. The remnants of the old Marxist left have been absorbed by the “social justice warriors,” and their agenda is simply to subordinate ending imperialism to their various identity politics hobbyhorses.

  6. Pam

    Bernie Sanders Is a Russia-Bashing, Pro-Israel, Militarist Tool

    He’s not what he seems to be

    The presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders — an anti-Russia, Israel-supporting politician from Vermont — revives an archaic feud among leftists. The old debate about “sewer socialism” is back.

    In the early part of the 20th century, there was a broad movement of people in the United States who advocated the overthrow of capitalism. Among them were many revolutionaries like Eugene Debs, William Z. Foster, Lucy Parsons, and Paul Robeson.

    However, there was another current of people who called themselves “socialists” but had no interest in revolution. They were called “sewer socialists.” The term originated in reference to Victor L. Berger, a “socialist” who ran on a platform of improving the city’s sewer system and eventually became the mayor of Milwaukee.

    The sewer socialists did not want to overthrow capitalism, but simply to be elected to local public office and improve government policy. They wanted to make a global system built on exploitation of people all over the world a little more comfortable for those living within the western economic centers.

    The battle between these two poles of the left movement – with the revolutionary and anti-imperialist wing of socialism on the one hand and the “sewer socialist” wing on the other — played out on a global level.

    Commenting on the debate, Russian socialist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin described the trend this way: “The bourgeoisie of an imperialist ‘Great’ Power can economically bribe the upper strata of ‘its’ workers by spending on this a hundred million or so francs a year, for its superprofits most likely amount to about a thousand million… this little sop is divided among the labour ministers, ‘labour representatives’… labour members of War Industries Committees… labour officials, workers belonging to the narrow craft unions…”

    In the modern United States, it isn’t sewer socialism but “Vermont socialism” that plays the role of the ‘Labor Ministers.’

    US Senator Bernie Sanders is running for president, and openly describes himself as a “socialist.” Despite using this word to describe himself, with many well intentioned anti-capitalist activists supporting him, Sanders’ platform in reality articulates a strategy for strengthening global monopoly capitalism and its expanding militarism.

    Big Oil’s Campaign Against Russia

    Currently, Wall Street is doing all it can to suppress Russia, a rising competitor on the global markets. US oil and natural gas corporations in particular want to attack and isolate the Russian Federation, as hydraulic fracking floods the market and drives down oil prices and profits.

    As Russia stabilizes and expands, continuing to export more and more natural gas, big business desperately needs to purge the country’s oil from the global market.

    In service of the western oil and natural gas cartels, US agents overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine. The orgy of street violence in Kiev that deposed Yanukovich was conducted with the direction of the CIA and billions of dollars in US funding.

    In Ukraine, the intervention of the United States has pushed a formerly peaceful country into civil war and installed a fanatically anti-Russian government. Russia now faces a hostile, US-aligned regime directly on its doorstep. Civil war is unfolding as the peoples of eastern Ukraine have taken up arms against it.

    US-funded terrorists are waging a campaign of death and destruction in Syria, another Russian-aligned country. Hundreds of thousands have already been killed.

    The US and its allies in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan continue to pour money into the so-called “Free Syrian Army” — a group that openly tortures, kidnaps, and beheads innocent people, and has a history of collaborating with ISIS.

    Despite giving demagogic anti-corporate speeches, Sanders brags that he is even more in line with big oil’s anti-Russia campaign than President Obama.

    “The entire world has got to stand up to Putin. We’ve got to deal with sanctions, we’ve got to deal with freezing assets,” he declared in a TV interview with FOX news host Bill O’Reilly.

    In the same interview, he declared:

    “You’ve got to totally isolate them politically. You’ve got to totally isolate them economically… You freeze assets that the Russian government has all over the world… International corporations have huge investments in Russia, you could pull them out…”

    A “Socialist” who Loves War and Israel

    Sanders is very much a friend of the military industrial complex. In his home state of Vermont, Sanders “rarely misses a photo opportunity with Vermont National Guard troops when they are being deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq.”

    While criticizing Bush’s invasion of Iraq, Sanders consistently votes for the massive US military budget. In fact, Sanders is vocally very supportive of Obama’s drone strikes program, and has worked to bring US military research corporations into his home state to set upfacilities.

    As a highly rated ally of the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee, Sanders has consistently voted and spoken out in support of Israel. When criticized for it, he often replies with standard Israel lobby talking points, saying things like, “Hamas is sending missiles into Israel… some of those missiles are coming to populated areas…” Other than vaguely saying that Israel may have “overreacted,” he blatantly supports and defends Israeli military policy.

    Sanders openly believes that the Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation is “terrorism,” and that the existence of a “Jewish state” on Palestinian land is somehow ethical. In his 2013 interview with Playboy, he declared: “The Palestinians must fulfill their responsibilities to end terrorism against Israel and recognize Israel’s right to exist.”

    A Friend of the Rising Police State

    As a loyal ally of military corporations, he not only supports their war against people in Ukraine, Syria, and Palestine, but also their profitable activities at home.

    Big business is making huge profits from a prison industrial complex as well as the rapid expansion of the role of police in US society. As police patrol the halls of elementary schools, and “stop and frisk” people on the streets without probable cause, it is young African-Americans who are their primary targets.

    Sanders has never been an opponent of the prison industrial complex or the rising incidents of police violence. In Michael Moore’s 2009 film “Capitalism: A Love Story,” Moore interviewed Sanders and asked him to explain what it meant to be a socialist. Sanders responded with a vague, populist rant in which he portrayed the police as victims:

    “We’ve become very religious in worshipping greed. We put on the front pages of magazines guys who have made millions of dollars, we ignore the cops… who every day are doing so much in improving the lives of people.”

    More recently, in response to the massive uprising against police brutality and mass incarceration in the United States, Sanders has declared:

    “Look, the issue here is…. I was a mayor for eight years, and being a cop is a very, very difficult job. But the word has got to get out that when police act inappropriately, and of course in this case there has to be a thorough investigation.”

    Sanders gives standard, Obama-style talking points on the issue, saying he supports “body cameras” and wants more community cooperation and involvement with police departments.

    Inevitably, whenever the issue of police brutality is raised, Sanders changes the subject to economics. In response to the Baltimore uprising after the killing of Freddie Grey, Sanders declared, without ever even mentioning Grey’s name:

    “In the neighborhood where this gentleman lives, as I understand it, the unemployment rate is over 50 percent, over 50 percent.

    What we have got to do as a nation is understand that we have got to create millions of jobs, to put people back to work, to make sure that kids are in schools, and not in jails…. so they’re not hanging out on street corners.”

    No one can deny that unemployment is a huge problem, especially for Black and Brown communities in the United States. However, Eric Garner wasn’t choked to death by a bill collector.

    The direct issue at hand is the fact that police officers have essentially been given a “license to kill” by the courts, and routinely face no penalty after blatantly and intentionally killing people of color.

    By diverting the conversation to economics and not calling out the police in harsh terms, and then using racially loaded phrases like “hanging out on street corners,” Sanders is essentially saying: “If only Black people had more economic opportunities, they wouldn’t be worthless, low-life criminals who the police have to kill.”

  7. JJ

    I don’t see anything from “Denny” about Hillary or Bernie. He just said we are having the joys now of looking at Trump nonstop on the tv. I think the tirade/torrent of information that followed could have ensued without trashing Denny for the little he wrote about being tired of seeing Trump on tv. Pointing out that a lot more is tiresome to look at in the media wasteland than just Trump was a good idea though.

  8. Dickless Wonder

    Well Pam attacked one comment and then attacked the person calling someone dickless and trolled hard on this page and was a total Debbie Downer. Ruined my visit here. But we are out of time for the day so please take your Klonopin and we will meet next week to work more on your deep rooted anger towards your father at our next session. 

    1. Pam

      Yes and Mike said he “Hated all of us anti-war Liberals who didn’t vote for Killery …
      last FRI and told us to “F…. OFF”


        1. Denny NNWofLA

          Not so crazy Kathy. I’ve wondered that about three that you did not mention and are not represented on this page, but are all to eager to have the rest of us looking away without any investigations at all. Can you guess who?

  9. Denny NNWofLA

    Well well, lookie what that clever little Freddy did; sneaking upstairs, he must have gotten on mom’s computer since his will no longer access this site. I can tell by the identical subject matter and sloppy wording. At first I thought Pam must be his mother’s name. But his obsession with my penis leads me now to believe ‘Pam’ is his alter-ego.

  10. Doctor Who(Jay G)

    Pam, you seem to be right on some things and vastly misinformed on others. Bernie IS anti-war. He was one of the few who voted against the Iraq war. He has also called repeatedly for a two State solution and has criticized Israel. Plus, he IS a huge fan of Eugene Debs and has dedicated his life to fighting for working people. I must be honest. Reading what you’ve read; it comes across like someone who listens to Alex Jones. Conspiracy theory nonsense to shift focus from the real issues, keep people divided, and to enrich people like Jones. In other words, it’s corporate propaganda. Bernie may not be perfect but who is? He is certainly NOT what you are making him out to be. He is basically an old school social Democrat like FDR. And that is so much better than the Republicans and the corporate Democrats. If we can eventually get a majority of people in Congress like him, I would consider that a huge accomplishment and a win for Democracy. Pam, based on what you wrote above. You are clearly creating your own negative interpretation of Sanders because he is not living up to your unrealistic standards.

  11. Doctor Who(Jay G)

    I guess TJ just conveniently forgot Star Trek, the Twilight Zone, and all those Anti-war movies from Hollywood. As James Garner said…”I AM liberal and that’s because I give a shit”.

  12. Doctor Who(Jay G)

    Chomsky never endorsed Hillary Clinton. He was backing Bernie in the primary and endorsed Jill Stein in the general election. He did say that voting for Clinton in a swing/battleground State is a safer bet to stop Trump. BUT he did not endorse her or tell anyone to vote for her. And “Democracy Now” remains one of the best news programs. I certainly wouldn’t compare that to corporate, establishment media. You’re either not paying attention or don’t have much going on upstairs.

  13. JJ

    Pam, regarding your comment “By contrast Trump wanted to fix America at home, not police the world,” that would be much preferable than the warmonger approach of Drone Ranger and Hillary. But Trump in fact campaigned on increasing the military budget massively. And he plans to fulfill that promise. He dropped the Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB) as soon as he got in office and was invested personally in one of the corporations that makes missiles used in another attack. 

    Here’s your peacenik Trump at work – 
    “Donald Trump personally profited from missile-maker Raytheon’s stock jump after his Syria attack,” by Tom Boggioni, Raw Story. 

    1. JJ

      I would add, Pam, that Trump’s new Cuba policy marks an additional descent into Cold War era policy. We will be back to clamping down on arts exchanges or visiting the country because Trump is more worried about undoing any successful policy of a recent Democrat instead of making his own enhancements that make a policy work even smoother. He was pushed privately by Marco Rubio for this change, getting conned into thinking he won Florida over it when in fact Clinton won the Cuban American city precincts of Miami stronger than did even Obama; Trump led in the rural redneck areas as in other southern states. But the right wing Cuban special interest that Rubio represents painted a different picture to get their way. 

      But by all means press on with the “peacenik Trump” portrayal. The truth is there are hawk aspects of both major parties but Trump is the harder core Cold Warrior toward Cuba by a long shot, and is pressing to drastically increase our military budget over Obama’s while taking money out of social programs to pay for it. He also has jumped right in the saddle using his new missile toys from day one. 


  14. Doctor Who(Jay G)

    Denny, progressives that criticize corporate Dems, NEOliberal policies, and the “Russia interfered in the election” narrative are NOT Kremlin shills. Grow up and learn what it actually means to be a “progressive”. It means questioning and calling out corruption; regardless of who did it. Many on the left are going hysterical and thinking everyone is somehow involved with Russia. That tells me that the propaganda is working and it’s a crying shame. These folks need to seriously read Orwell again and check out “Manufacturing Consent”. The Intelligence community and the mainstream, corporate media is NOT to be trusted. People on the left who are well versed in our past history should be smart enough to understand this. Please do your research before you just believe anything. If you don’t.. you’re no better than the moron who watches “Fox News” alone and is vastly misinformed. Don’t become like your enemy. If that happens, the oligarchy has already won.

    1. Denny NNWofLA

      OK, I’m pretty sure where you are coming from with your judgement of me. You have described someone I’m not. But thanks anyway for the unwanted attention and try to understand that I am the first and foremost authority on what I believe and how I think. Not You. Calling out corruption is exactly what I want as well as pointing to the good when possible. That includes investigations into the well-documented stories about Trump’s ties with Russia. Why do you not want to know?! Why don’t you want us to know? Why are you continuing to tell us to just ignore that? And no. This is far from the only important issue.

      In ’68 I was forced into the US Army and trained to kill strangers I did not know and knew nothing about. At great personal cost, I was able to break free and resume living to make things better. I was there during the Civil Rights Movement, the KFK,RFK, King murders, the Cuban Missile Crisis and everything since. So, please, do not tell me what about being progressive is. Learn it yourself.

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