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Science-deniers soon may have no choice but to accept the phenomena of global climate change as a result of human action.  Results from a scientific study conducted in 20 developing countries provide undeniable evidence that carbon dioxide emissions (greenhouse gasses) from the burning of fossil fuels could result in 100 million human deaths by the year 2030, and it may be too late to do anything about it.   

The Guardian reports that “The 331-page study, entitled Climate Vulnerability Monitor: A Guide to the Cold Calculus of A Hot Planet and published on Wednesday, was carried out by the DARA group, a non-governmental organization based in Europe, and the Climate Vulnerable Forum. It was written by more than 50 scientists, economists and policy experts, and commissioned by 20 governments.”

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’re aware of the unpredictable, dangerous weather patters that have caused tsunamis, floods, extreme droughts, hurricanes and tornadoes all over the planet.  According tot his recent report, that’s just the tip of the (melting) iceberg.  The Guardian continues:

Scientists have been alarmed by the increasingly rapid melting of Arctic sea ice, which reached a new record minimum this year and, if melting continues at similar rates, could be ice free in summer by the end of the decade. Some research suggests that this melting could be linked to cold, dull and rainy summers in parts of Europe – such as has been the predominant summer weather in the UK for the last six years. In the US, this year’s severe drought has raised food prices and in India the disruption to the monsoon has caused widespread damage to farmers.  Connie Hedegaard, the European Union’s climate chief, warned that extreme weather was becoming more common, as the effects of climate change take hold. “Climate change and weather extremes are not about a distant future,” she wrote in a comment for the Guardian last week. “Formerly one-off extreme weather episodes seem to be becoming the new normal.”

Teabaggers love to ridicule Al Gore and his “Inconvenient Truth,” but they very well may be chuckling through their gas masks in the very near future.

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  1. Andy in Seattle

    Oh well. To be honest with you too many people are in denial and will continue to be so for generations yet to come.

    You’re lucky if you’re old….you’ll be dead by the time the planet becomes uninhabitable for humans.

    We are dead men walking. It’s just a matter of time at this point.

  2. Denny NNWofLA

    We’re Americans- don’t push us…

    Start Bogus Wars- sssss
    Bankster Theft of Homes- sssss
    Looted Retirement Accounts- sssss
    Work Force Reduced to Slave Wages- sssss
    Destruction of Our Living Mother Earth- sssss
    Footlocker Officials Throwing an NFL Game- YO MAMA !!!

    Gotta love the priorities of the average American!???

    Ironic that the tipping point in the NFL refs lockout
    came with the national jobbing of the only publicly owned team. A failed attempt at union busting by the mostly right-wing filthy rich greedy owners of these teams.
    I hope that comes back and bites their asses, hard.

    American priorities… Don’t it make you wanna twist and shout!???

  3. Fruit-for-Peace

    Howdy fellow Malloyites! 🙂

    I JUST received a phone call and guess what!?! I finally got a JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After being out of full-time, regular employment for FIVE YEARS and NINE MONTHS, I start a new job on Monday! You folks have been SO kind and patient putting up with my pissin’ and moanin’ and bitchin’, and that’s not likely to stop anytime soon as long as rePIGlicans exist, but now most of my bitchin’ will be focused on rePIGlicans! 😉


  4. Fruit-for-Peace

    Thanks for the warm wishes, everyone. I don’t care HOW badly this job may suck or how many crazy people I’ll be working with/for, being out of work for damn near SIX YEARS has worn me down and worn me out. I’m going to hold on to this job with the death-grip that we’d all like to put on the necks of the rePIGlicans.

    TruthAddict, you DEFINITELY have my sympathies and best wishes. People do try to have empathy for folks like us that are out of work long-term, but you really just can’t relay how HORRIBLE it is and the TERRIBLE toll long-term unemployment takes on one’s spirit. Shit, if it wasn’t for my WONDERFUL wild and crazy cat making me bust out laughing out loud every day from her antics, I’d either be dead or in a mental institution, or worse. I’m not being overly dramatic. My having HER to take care of kept me from simply giving up.

    I hope for the VERY best for you, TruthAddict, and hope you find some work soon that will be satisfying and give you the ability to do more than just survive. That’s where I’m at in my life – just trying to survive. I’m 46 and the jobs available to those of us over 40 are VERY few and far between, the pay is SHITE, and there simply is NO such thing as job security any longer. Even WITH a new job starting next week for myself, I fear that for the WHOLE of us, we’re simply just FUCKED! I still believe one of the only things that will turn this out of control ride around for the majority is if there is a Socialist-like revolution where the 1%’ers learn the “CHOP!” hard way that just because they are financially wealthy, that does NOT make them “better” than anyone else.

    We need safety and long-term SECURITY through Unions for our employment, and we also need SECURITY for affordable and safe housing. The fact that at least here in Oregon, a landlord can give you the boot for absolutely NO reason, and they can raise your rent as MUCH as they want without justification and it is perfectly legal. Pure BULLSHIT!!!!

    As the saying goes, we are NOT truly FREE when we are burdened with the stress, worry and threat of unemployment and homelessness. Throw in the stress and worry of getting sick and NOT being able to get healthcare and you’ve got the recipe for one SERIOUSLY stressed out life.

    Hugs and best wishes to you, Truth! 🙂

  5. TruthAddict

    Thanks, FFP. I’m 61 and don’t think I will work again. No one wants to hire me. So whatever! At least I have a daughter who loves me and wants me with her and her son. My family is all I have…and my dogs. I know what you mean about animals helping. They help a lot. Hopefully, next year, I’ll get enough S.S. to pitch in enough so i don’t feel like such a mooch. Right now, with zero income, zero insurance of any kind, it’s really scary.
    But, I keep busy, and try to stay positive. What else can I do?
    Hugs back to ya! I AM genuinely happy for you!!

  6. Fruit-for-Peace

    Well, Truth, how about we get you thumping some rePIGlican heads in your local House or Senate!?! I think you’d be GREAT giving them rePIGs some HELL as a fellow Representative or Senator!!!! 🙂

    Have a GREAT weekend! 🙂

    P.S. – can you IMAGINE what it would be like to have Mike Malloy in the Georgia House or Senate!?! YEEEEEE-HAW!!!! 😛

  7. Denny NNWofLA

    I’m wondering if when Molly is older, Kathy
    would have any interest in running for office.
    What vitality she would bring, and from a
    rational, progressive woman’s perspective.
    Wouldn’t THAT shake up the old white necks !!!

  8. Jon

    congratulations on the job Fruit for peace. I knew a long term unemployed 61 year old who died of kidney failure last Dec 31 who had been unemployed for three years. His wife had been supporting him and their son sharing an apt. listen to Mike’s best of streams this weekend to hear the Friday podcast that wasn’t posted.

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