How To Hear This Show

Did you hear the show last night?  Enough cussin’ for ‘ya?

If you’re having audio issues Truthseekers, here is how you listen to our program on the Progressive Voices Network.  Just enter one of these links in your media player:

MP3 –


You should be able to open those in just about any media player if you are having problems with the PV app or website. (h/t Heritick)


Primary Day in New Hampshire!  Will a Bernie win make Hillary change strategy for South Carolina and Super Tuesday?  How long befor the Big Dog will be calling Bernie a commie?

During thenBush Crime Family reign of terror we used to accuse Karl Rove of being Bush’s brain, and Cheney of actually speaking words into Raisin Brain’s earpiece.  But who is pulling the wind up string in Marco Rubio’s back?  Or is it a winding stem…..

When I was a kid, my neighbor had a parrot named Marco, who knew how prescient that would be?  We now have a cockatiel named Snowy.  I’m tempted to rename her Rubio, except, well, I don’t hate her.

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  1. DennyNNWofLA

    Since you asked-
    Tried watching on Livestream (foolish me)… nothing. Then I realized it was already four past and Mike should have been on since the top of the hour. Then I clicked on PV which became Tune In. Got lots of 2bl-talking and even a whiff of Stephanie Miller. Tried Livestream again at the top of the 2nd hour and saw-heard the first hour from the top. As far as the language…I’ve not heard that much potty-mouth since just before my divorce.

    I can hear that walking past any basketball court or in any bar and I don’t need it. As in cooking, a bit of seasoning brings out the flavor of the primary ingredients. Too much spice though, overpowers and takes away the taste and enjoyability of the meal. Less is better IMO.

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