I’m Fucked

Thats what The Don said when he learned Rober Mueller had been appointed

Now we’re fucked if he gets away with it.

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  1. TakeTheCannoli2

    At this point, with conviction in the Senate, such as it is, all but impossible, I still favor impeachment of President Pig. The goals would be more modest than removal from office. Impeachment would open up more documents to Congress. The public would be saturated with ever more revelations of the Pig’s sordid life and career. Pelosi and the establishment Democrats are wrong to point to Republican losses after the Clinton impeachment. The only dirt Ken Starr could find on Clinton was his affair. The number of President Pig’s offenses grows every day. The House would have enough material for impeachment hearings until election day. Prolonged hearings would serve the same purpose as conviction in the Senate, since they would help prevent the Pig’s re-election. The hearings could get into areas unexamined by Mueller, such as emoluments, money laundering, tax evasion and sexual harassment. Impeachment would also serve notice that democracy and rule of law are worth defending, despite two-plus years of defilement by President Pig.

  2. Denny NNWofLA

    Recognizing the utter uselessness of the Republican-controlled senate in enforcing our laws under the Constitution I believe impeachment would only create a circus that would benefit Trump. We must do everything in our legal power to get this monster out of office but we must also be smart about how we do it.

    In a sane and fair country Trump’s Impeachment would have already have happened. Sadly this is not the country in which we live. We need an effective plan that fits the beyond- Orwellian situation in which we find ourselves where truth is no longer the determining factor.
    Keep the investigations going as outlined in Mueller report and make the findings stick. Certainly there is sufficient evidence of his crimes.

  3. Ronald Cozzi

    Don’t you guys get it? The average American isn’t paying attention to this Mueller investigation. They are busy working their 60 hours a week at their 3 jobs and concerned about how their team will do in the NFL draft, the next Game of Thrones episode and their other escapist activities.
    This country is going to break up. The question is when. So let us hope and pray the break up can be as non violent as possible, without civil war. It is time to get real.

  4. TakeTheCannoli2

    How have you been, Denny? I copied my post and sent it to Bob Kincaid to read in the first hour of his Friday night show. He said he “largely agreed with it,” but with reservations. He said the mainstream media’s obsession with “two-siderism” would mean that Trump surrogates would be given inordinate air time to rebut the charges. Back in 1973, the Watergate hearings canceled all the daytime soap operas. But the drama was so intense, the ratings were high anyway. In the current age of cable TV, it’s possible, if not probable, the hearings would be ghettoized to MSNBC and CSPAN.
    I don’t share this cynical view because the issues are clear enough for middle America to understand. Most Americans pay taxes. So it’s not likely they would give a pass to a privileged rich guy not paying his taxes. Most Americans don’t have to launder their money. So they wouldn’t give the Pig a pass on that either. Sexual harassment and sexual harassment payoffs will become a soap opera unto themselves. The only issue that may be too abstract for Peoria is emoluments. But the Pig’s violations of the plain language of the Constitution are so flagrant it shouldn’t take the half-intelligent amongst them too long to figure that out.
    I for one am tired of our government giving Republicans one pass after another. The first was Ford’s pardon of Nixon before any criminal charges were filed. Second, nobody filed charges against Reagan for his October Surprise hostage deal with Iran. The third was all the pardons, facilitated by then-Attorney General Bill Barr, of those convicted after the Iran-Contra investigations. And fourth, there was Obama’s ho-hum declaration he wanted “to look forward, not backward” despite all the war crimes by The Bush Crime Family. Do you really think that giving Trump a pass will prevent an even worse future president from behaving like him? We got to where we are right now precisely because there has been a lack of accountability.
    So how will this current struggle play out? The day will come — sooner than later — that a certain number of House subpoenas for documents and witnesses will hit a trumped-up legal wall. How can the House exercise its authority to impeach if it is prevented from gathering evidence to impeach? When Pelosi realizes that investigations can go no further without bringing out the biggest hammer in any toolbox, the moment of truth for our democracy will arrive.

    1. Denny NNWofLA

      How have I been? Yeah, should be a simple question deserving a simple answer, but no, not so simple.
      I could just say I’m about as neurotic as anyone else paying attention. How are you? See? I’ll just say sometimes I feel like Dylan’s Mr. Jones, especially when someone points to you and says,”Don’t you guys get it?” When I read your posts tho, I know I’m not here all alone. Thanks for asking.

  5. TakeTheCannoli2

    Denny, I have an idea about what you mean about living in this Age of Anxiety, as W.H. Auden called it back in 1947. I deal with it by checking myself into a local gym. By the time I get home after a day of work and a workout, a simple cold beer or two takes care of any residual anxiety, at least until the next day. The future is not for us to see, as the song says. All we can do is make sure we live out our days as morally as we can, and push for the world to become what we would like it to be. We are at a crossroads in our nation’s history. Will we remain a democracy — or choose unwisely as did ancient Rome, and turn into a degenerate empire? Resist!

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