Insane in the Membrane

Trump’s mental health is finally making headlines.  Took long enough. Watching video clips of The Don from the 1980s is revealing – something happened.  Maybe the hairflap is hiding a tumor?  

More baffling than Trump’s incoherent ramblings, toddler tantrums, and infantile Tweets are the mainstream GOP politicians who have hitched their wagons to his crazytrain.  Towing the party line is one thing, but these sycophants have no shame, and seemingly no care for their political futures.  

We will discuss the Fire and Fury that erupted this weekend, and the rise and fall of Steve Bannon, on the program tonight.

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  1. Tom

    How long has it been since “Fire and Fury” came out? So far, not one person has sued Wolff or his publisher. Either it’s true or it’s not. If all of it’s a lie, why are these people waiting to sue? Answer. intimidate by sending a cease-and-desist letter instead. It allows your attorney(s) to run up their billable hours and makes you look tough. Or really stupid if it’s all true.

    If Trump sues Wolff, the burden is on him to prove his case. However, if this was happening in the UK, the reverse would be true. The burden would be on Trump.

  2. DennyNNWofLA

    Since Mike ranted about the GA/AL game last night, I thought I’d throw in a take or two.
    First- Mike canned the show for evening play so he could watch the game- live.
    I recorded the game so I could listen to Mike- live, and watch the game after Mike’s show.
    Result: I heard Mike’s recorded show then watched the game (recorded); that is, except the last three minutes when the allotted recording time was up.
    Secondly, Does Alabama remind anyone else of the college version of the goddamn Patriots of the NFL?
    They both annoy the hell out of me and neither will go away!!!

  3. DennyNNWofLA

    SHITHOLE Countries. Really?
    Donald J. Drumpfuck obviously does not realize, along with everything else he does not realize, is we are a country made up of immigrants from many countries. Especially his whole shitty family.
    Yeah, but they’re all white.

    I, at this point don’t know if our deaths will come from nuclear blasts or overwhelming embarrassment for this country.

    Repeal/Replace Trump NOW

    1. DennyNNWofLA

      Norwegians must have had a pretty good yuk when they learned of Herr Twitler’s ‘shithole countrys’ remark calling for them to come here.
      Why would they? They have:
      Health Care
      Free Higher Education
      Five Weeks Vacation Annually

      They are the “Happiest Country (US #14)
      Second Most Gender Equality (Iceland #1)

      Most Political Freedom (US # 45)
      Most Press Freedom (US #43)
      Most Prosperous (US #18)

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