It’s ALIVE!!!


Thank you for your support and your patience. Mike suffered two unfortunate major medical setbacks while writing (back surgery and hospitalization for pancreatitis) and it took longer than expected.

GOOD NEWS is that the book is under consideration with a major publisher and we are waiting on final “yay or nay” before seeking other outlets. But we WILL have bound books to sign at the North Georgia Book Launch Party!

We took a poll and the majority of would-be Launch party attendees picked the weekend of November 30 2018 as top choice for the 2-night North Georgia weekend getaway with Mike, Kathy, and Molly!

We are researching three possible venues for the perfect Malloy Mountain Weekend experience for our Travelin’ Truthseekers. Hope to have the details in place and ready for your reservation next week!

Updates will be posted here at

See you soon!


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