Judgement Day

Another election day, another bunch of politicians ready to promise us everything while delivering the goods to their corporate backers.  Most of them, anyway.

Does it really matter if Terry McAuliffe beats Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia?  Or if Chris Christie dunks Barbara Buono’s donut in New Jersey?  Or which right-winger will prevail in Alabama – corporate shill Bradley Byrne or Teabagger uber-Christian Dean Young?

Once elected, will any of these candidates change any policy or positively impact any political or social issues, like poverty, infrastructure repair, environmental protection, education, or unemployment?

Cynical, sure, but when is the last time your elected leader made good on their campaign promises? We have become accustomed to these disappointments,  often evolved into total reversals of stated campaign positions.  From Obama’s single payer and comfortable shoes, to Bush-the-First’s no new taxes; to Scott Walker’s labor/pension promises and Chris Christie’s property tax rebate problems, the list is infinite.

What changes can we rationally expect next year based on voter results today? That’s assuming the vote count can be trusted for accuracy . . . .

The media is still breathlessly over today’s events, as if these races matter.  so if you are still paying attention, here’s what CNN has to say about today’s dog-n-pony show:

Welcome to Election Day 2013, where two gubernatorial contests and the race for mayor of the nation’s biggest city will be settled and a GOP primary battle for a U.S. House seat in Alabama is getting outsized attention.

But what makes most of these 2013 elections interesting is what they may tell us about 2014 midterms and the 2016 race for the White House.

Yada, yada, yada.

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  1. Joe

    Here in NJ Barbara Buono would have really been a change for the better but she didn’t stand a chance against the Christie juggernaut. About 50 Democratic officials came out and endorsed Christie and another huge chunk of Democratic office holders just ignored her. Obama ignored Buono, he never came to the state to campaign for her. Jimmy Carter was recently in NJ (for his Habitat for Humanity) and he spent the whole time praising Christie and not a mention about Buono. I got robocalls from Sen. Bob Menendez and Cory Booker asking me to vote for a slate of Democratic candidates. Not a mention, nothing about voting for the top of the slate, Barbara Buono the lady running for governor. Buono was back stabbed by her own party with a few exceptions. So we have 4 more years of this vile bastard who bashes teachers, teacher unions and NJ’s highly ranked schools. Christie now has 4 more years to push for charter schools, school vouchers and to kill off our NJ public school system. We never had a governor so viciously and openly anti the teacher union (NJEA) as Christie.

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