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Dear God….is it over yet?  It’s Friday August 11th at 8:27 PM, minutes before be go live on the air for the last time this long, desperate week, and……….and……….——whew!  No last-second prime time news dump!  We made it!  It’s over. The weekend is only 3 hours away.

I need a break from the Trump-a-Thon.  Two days respite is such a nothingburger in comparison to the six months of sheer madness we just experienced.  Monday will come too soon…and his tiny, whiny voice will again hammer like little tumors inside my brain. 

This never ending nuclear soap opera has finally succeeded in penetrating my last fragile psychic defenses.  As usual, too many weekly wrap-up topics to preview on this meager blogslot.  Let’s dump it all on the table, Truthseekers.  Purge ourselves of this sickness so we can enjoy a peaceful weekend.


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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    Commenting on today’s act of domestic terrorism in Charlottesville, VA, president Trump gave one of the strongest statements of his presidency declaring, in so many words, “Shit happens. Shit happens from many sides. Many sides to shit. Shit has been happening for a long time and it’s not my fault, or, (in a bi-partisan show of unity) Obama’s.
    We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of shit. I have some very very good people that know how to deal with shit and we will make America safe from shit ever happening again.”

    Meanwhile in the real world…
    At least three have died and many more have been injured at the time of this post. Apparently, according to early reports, a car was parked up an incline behind counter-protesters to the white hate groups when it charged down into the crowd at a high rate of speed, striking as many as possible. Our president should have mentioned that too.
    How far we have fallen. Fifty years ago we were holding gatherings of people in the parks, playing music, dancing and loving. I once attended a “Love-In” at Griffith Park on a beautiful summer day. Love, peace and magic was in the air, along with a certain aroma that caused a police riot with unmarked cars plowing thru the crowds and lines of baton swinging cops descending into the masses of otherwise unsuspecting park-goers hitting and arresting them.

    I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

  2. Doctor Who(JayG)

    It’s a damn shame that we are still dealing with fascism and hate in 2017. What happens in the lives of people to make them go in that direction? I was deeply saddened by what happened in Charlottesville, Va. And one more thing. Trump and his administration should be ashamed. He is not going to call out these repulsive individuals because they are his base that helped in getting him elected. He is going to need them in 2020. Not surprising that he would put politics over the lives of innocent victims. No fan of Hillary but she was right on one thing. He is deplorable and so is his base!

  3. Denny NNWofLA

    Following two days of condemnation from ‘many sides’ Trump finally called out the KKK, Neo-Nazis and white supremacists for these terrorist acts. Far too little and way late so as not to further
    alienate his dwindling base, no doubt.

    Just to add further insult to the American public he is supposed to protect and defend, Saturday he began running his new re-election campaign add on national TV. It’s been a long seven months into his first term and he has accomplished nothing other than destroying things. What an absolute disgrace this loser is!

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