Keep It Lit

Cannabis is now legal in Canada.  Another reason to polish up the passport.  If the Democrats don’t take control of Congress next year, that wall is going up.  Between Detroit and Windsor.






The Malloy Studio continues to recover from the flood, but is functional.  Soggy, but operational enough to fight the flying monkeys.  We are LIVE at 9PM ET.

Thanks to Bob Kincaid for bailing us out yet again!

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  1. George Hublitz

    Kathy and Mike. I’m so glad you are back on the nets.! Wow, wet to the concrete eh. Looking at the satellite storm images I was worried about you.! You had to rip out that shag carpeting eh. WE LOVE YOU MIKE. You help, with the madness, big time.! George


    Just a non-political comment:  I believe your podcast/show plays the absolutely best music!  Well I am 61 and music I listened to was my older brothers who is 66!  (Too poor to afford my own and got all his hand-me-downs, even his clothes—for my “play” clothes!). Love your message though the decibels can get deafening!  I let you scream for me!  Love y’all!

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