Let the Games Begin!

What did you think of Obama’s speech last night?  Too jocular?  Not funny enough?  Too ready to blame Bush, or not putting enough blame on Raisin Brain?  No matter what you thought of the content or delivery, expect the spinmeisters from border to border, across the fruited plain to twist his every syllable.  It’s already happening.

A good friend emailed us this today:

Guys –

After listening to your show last night,

I’m in mourning for:

1. Howard Zinn.

2. Obama wanting to lower energy costs by developing new nuclear plants. And offshore drilling. This guy makes me tired as your listener said.

3. The fact the high school kids today are totally unaware of the significance of the Citizens United ruling.

4. The fact that Obama believes in Clean Coal.

5. The fact that no democracy has ever survived with the supermajority requirement.

6. The fact that Obama seems to have validated the Milton Friedman/ Reagan nonsense that deficits come from spending, not relentless tax cutting. Look when the deficits exploded: 1980.

7. The fact that Obama does not reach across the aisle and bitchslap the other side.

8. The fact that Bernanke will be reappointed.

9. The fact that my stash is low….

What’s your take on the SOTU?  Jon the fun and frivolity, call 877-996-2556!

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  1. Geegee in MI

    I wish President Obama had said…to all homeowners in America, a 1 year freeze on Mortgage payments. To all Math and Science college majors, tuition is free. To all businesses, if you keep the jobs in America, there will be tax incentives. If you take jobs out of the country, you will lose them and to all in Congress, REPEAL THE GLASS–STEAGALL ACT and DADT. Thank you. Good night.

  2. William

    I really did not expect more than I saw last night. Since the the so called TV debates were sponsored by clean coal this was no surprise. The nuclear power plants were. Off shore drilling too, how nice.

    I am really tired of Obama relating back to the Bush admins screw ups when Obama is continuing with most of them , the main drain on the economy are the massive war fundings.

    At this point after last night I feel like I am taking a ride down a light snow covered steep rocky mountain slope in a used inflatable raft hoping it does not deflate.

  3. Jesse Hemingway

    Those Mayan 12/21/2012 predictions are looking better by the moment

    State of the union? It’s all Bullshit

    37.5% of Iraqi oil fields go to china during the state of the union.

    PetroChina Shares Rise After Signing Iraqi Oilfield Contract


    By Bloomberg News

    Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) — PetroChina Co., the nation’s largest oil company, advanced in Hong Kong and Shanghai trading after signing a contract to help develop an oilfield in Iraq.

    The shares gained 0.6 percent to HK$8.91 at 10:54 a.m. in Hong Kong and climbed 0.3 percent to 13.18 yuan in Shanghai. The benchmark Hang Seng Index rose 1.3 percent while the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.1 percent.

    PetroChina, Petroliam Nasional Bhd. and Total Exploration & Production Co. signed an agreement to jointly develop the Halfaya oilfield for 20 years, the Beijing-based company said yesterday. The group offered to increase the field’s output to 535,000 barrels a day at a cost of $1.40 a barrel, Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani said in December.

    “This is a razor-thin margin for Petrochina given the political risks of operating in Iraq,” Gordon Kwan, head of energy research at Mirae Asset Securities, said in e-mailed comments today. “Currently, PetroChina makes over $30 a barrel in its existing upstream oil projects.”

    PetroChina has a 37.5 percent stake in the venture developing Halfaya, which has recoverable reserves of about 4.1 billion barrels. The oil-development agreement is the third that parent China National Petroleum Corp. has won in Iraq.

    CNPC signed a $3.5 billion agreement to develop the Ahdad oilfield in Iraq in November 2008. The company and BP Plc last November signed a technical service contract with Iraq’s state- owned South Oil Co. to almost triple the output of the Rumaila field.

  4. Edie

    Well, the general consensus seems to be: Good speech, now what?

    I noticed that Defence Sec. Gates applauded for the end of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’. Obama could end this cruel farce with a flourish of his pen; so far, he has been unwilling to do that. Why? No guts? If not now, when?

    Furthermore, Obama’s weak request for the Congress to do something about the recent Supremo’s gift of our government to the CORPORATIONS! Something?!

    It will take a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT! That’s something and damn near impossible; however, it must be done or we as a nation are over, stick a fork in our young democratic republic, we are done!

    RIP Howard Zinn
    I miss you, already.

  5. Edie


    Back in the day this nation had a powerful middle class and your points are well taken; the far right learned their lesson well. The ‘Reagan Revolution’ was the beginning, in earnest, of the dismantling of that middle class; many of whom were in unions.

    The Reagan Democrats supported a movement dedicated to their complete demise; the sorry state of unions and the middle and working class in this country is a sad testament to the folly of not supporting one’s own best interests!

    I, for one, have never sold out; which makes me a failure in some quarters and I could not care less. My loved ones, especially my adult children, respect me because I have always treated them with respect

    I know it’s quaint this days; however, one’s word should count, not just for something, for everything. Peace out.

  6. tom in lala land

    Thanks Edie,
    And you didn’t even mention that I kept spelling Milton Friedman incorrectly. 🙂
    I was arrested at the age of 8yrs. old for protesting “the war”. It didn’t take a genius to know how insane it was. I also knew Andrew Hoffman ect.. (Abbie , I met Years later-it’s a very small world).

    I love that you never sold out and I wonder sometimes what it will take to continue.

    Who would have thought that we would end up with so much we fought for given away for nothing. I don’t know if this is the end of Our Republic or not, but I will keep your words: “I know it’s quaint this days; however, one’s word should count, not just for something, for everything. Peace out.”

    Humbled with Many Thanks!!! RIP Howard Zinn

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