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Please join Mike tonight from the belly of the beast in Washington DC as he covers the Supreme Court hearings on the Affordable Care Act.  Tune in tonight  for interviews and discussions about the Teabagger’s efforts to eliminate what they call “Obamacare” and the fight to preserve this, the only national health care program that offers coverage to all. 

The AP reports:

The circus surrounding the Supreme Court health care arguments this week will begin before dawn Monday.
Demonstrators will be gathering around the Supreme Court steps. Nearby, assembled radio talk show hosts will be broadcasting live starting at 6 a.m. Civilians will be lined up, hoping for precious spots inside. Later, politicians will stroll in to claim reserved seats.

The center ring, of course, should remain dignified, even as justices shortly after 10 a.m. commence the most anticipated oral arguments in years. And by the time arguments end Wednesday, spectators should know more about whether the court believes the Obama administration’s signature health care law exceeds Congress’s constitutional authority to regulate commerce.

Don’t miss a minute, Truthseekers, of this important discussion!  Join us around the campfire at 9PM ET!  Mike returns LIVe Wednesday to cover the news you’ll never hear on the corporate media!

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  1. Arch

    I have an idea – if the “Affordable Care Act” is declared constitutional, Congress should pass the “Effective Home Defense Act”. The EHDA should require every citizen to purchase a handgun and a long gun (shotgun or rifle, your choice). Employers should be required to provide guns during working hours and on work property. Then, every citizen should be required to appear before a “Handgun Approval Panel” (you know, like the ACA “Rationing Panels”) to demonstrate proficiency with their guns – if they are not found to be proficient, the citizen is required to take a two week training course on proper handgun use.

    What do you think? Since owning guns is the only statistically proven method of reducing violent crime, it’s “necessary and proper,” too.

  2. Denny NNWofLA

    RinTinCheney Resurrectus… no longer with an empty hollow tin chest, but with a living beating life giving organ inside. WOW.

    If the donor happened to be a progressive, that’s as earlier stated, a story EA Poe can’t touch. But on the other hand it would be very strong and likely take over providing compassion, conscience and the ability to care for other human life. And That would be a good thing. Although a lifetime and more than a million lives too late.

  3. Chris

    It will be a “Law” to get healthcare. Supposedly it will bring cost down but really, can we trust health care corporations not to raise premiums knowing we can’t get out of buying it? Also, the poor will get vouchers to help pay for theirs but what if Republicans cut the budget and cut voucher amounts? Then you can’t afford it then what? Prison? When I’m on a fixed income will it cut into my Social Security because I have to pay for healthcare first? I have not heard a lot of the safety nets for this program.

  4. SoloPocono

    Chris: therein lies the problem with the ACA-NO Price Controls for insurance premiums. There WILL be a kind of price control when the exchange kicks in-BUT, if something doesn’t change-AND change FAST, UNTIL some other kind of price control is added, or till 2014 when exchanges are fully functional; those greedy bastards are going to inflate their prices to bleed EVERY POSSIBLE PENNY out of people as they fully EXPECT something to happen…..

  5. Arch

    Price Control: Didn’t Obama say that the “ACA” wouldn’t increase healthcare/insurance costs, but would actually lower them? They why did insurance costs of the company I work for nearly double when the law was passed?

    Oh, right – I’m sure it was the greedy Republicans or Insurance companies.

    Have you looked into which “healthcare provider” denies the most healthcare claims each year? Medicare. Any thoughts on that?

  6. Chris

    I’m afraid it sounds too good to be true, and then down the road we get screwed. I don’t trust any part of the government anymore. They spend all our money on war toys, and cut social programs, not the military budget or financial aid to other countries and deplete our coffers, any which way they can.

  7. Denny NNWofLA

    Well kids, I’m really enjoying tonight’s show. A great opportunity to SHUT UP and LEARN SOMETHING. More as like from the Howard Zinn view as this affects US.

    I’d rather hear the folks doing the lifting than the running mouth pundits telling us what they want us to think.

    Thanks Mike

  8. chucky

    Holy shit Fruit! That is so spot on. My compliments. And thank you.

    I never saw an answer to my question in the last thread, so I’ll ask it again. Has anyone come out and condemned Pat Robertson for his stupid comments regarding Peyton Manning deserving to get injured because of the shabby treatment of the saintly Tim Teblow? I haven’t heard one person speak out about this. I would like to here what SOME of you think. I’m sure I can figure out who will say what. The media in this country is a damn joke. Just how is Pat Robertson any better than Jeremiah Wright? Personally, I think they both should be chastised for their remarks.

  9. Denny NNWofLA

    Chucky, OK BOO on Pat.
    Frankly, I give just about as big a shit what he says, as what Arch says. They are BOTH sanctimonious ass-wipes. Feel better?

    Regarding Fruit’s SPA, If you took out the GOP symbols and replaced them with NAZI symbols, would that not be the same?
    What do you think?

  10. chucky

    Denny…the only reason I mention it is because of all the flak Obama caught because of Jeremiah Wright. If the right-wingers want to hold someone to account like they did with Wright, they should do the same with Robertson. That’s all. I hope you understand.

  11. Denny NNWofLA

    BREAKING NEWS 4:05 PM PDT. San Onofre, CA Nuclear Plant.
    No details yet… Some sort of emergency/shutdown/ reactor won’t work/ one of the two already had been shut down/???
    Terrific. But I’m sure we will be told everything is fine.

    Another reason for me being NNWofLA!!!

  12. Chris

    Have you every noticed how the “good news” keeps coming? And we can’t leave Afghanistan because the Taliban broke off talks so……………………I guess we will be there at least 2014……which they want………. and meantime here at home food attacks (pink slime in hamburger) next a nuclear plant (probably a terrorist). Stewardesses freaking out pilots freaking out. Just throw the kitchen sink already! I hope everything is okay in CA ,will watch, it affects us all.

  13. Chris

    So Edison got 671 million from higher rates now wether they put the turbines in or not they were suppose to……………… So like Fukishima, they got the money and we get shoddy service (1.4 million customers) ……and radiation……………………

  14. Chris

    I used to think, if things get bad, head to Mexico, but Rightwingers made enemies of undocumented immigrants, sending them back from the US…………… (so by design), we go there, when SHTF, then they tell us to get the hell out of “their Country”. …………………Karma…………that I didn’t cause. And thanks to ( Fast a Furious), they are armed too. Tell me the 1% didn’t have it all plan. You kick me from your Country, I kick you from mine. When we should have stuck together.


  15. Chris

    And then, you ask, how can the jerks who run this show keep all this chaos in check? I submit, NATO……………………………the only force to keep the US and World in check! I guess we will see.

  16. Chris

    Interesting to hear about the Healthcare debate. Listening to the clip, Rightwing judge asks a question. The answer “They are all in this, Congress is all in this”. So this is all theatre………………………. but also the set up for the next plan of action.

    “Everyone dies, do they need burial insurance?” Otherwise, the government pays……………………..and it goes on……………………. and so goes the coffers……

  17. Chris

    There is no daylight between Democrats and Republicans, like we wish there was. Watching James Baker tonight,on Charlie Rose, he agrees with Obama and is laying out the plan to stay longer in Afghanistan. Plus.

  18. chucky

    Denny…the only reason I mention it is because of all the flak Obama caught because of Jeremiah Wright. If the right-wingers want to hold someone to account like they did with Wright, they should do the same with Robertson. That’s all. I hope you understand.

  19. Arch

    @Chris: Sorry to keep you waiting.

    RE: Mexico – have you looked at the laws Mexico has in place for foreign nationals in it’s borders, be it legally or illegally? Look them up, and you’ll see that we treat “undocumented workers” like princes.

    Speaking of, these “undocumented workers” – a simple question, if you’ll allow me: regardless of what country they are from (Mexico, Canada, Sweden seems a popular example), are they here legally or illegally?

    Also, an additional thought on Mexico – what if a group in Mexico decided that since Mexico originally had ownership of Texas, they had a right to it now and started firing rockets into El Paso? What do you think our response should be?

    RE: Pat Robertson – I havn’t heard anything about what he said, so would someone fill me in, preferably with a link to his exact words? I’d like to know what I’m talking about before I make a comment.

    Also, have you heard about the New Black Panther Party issuing a $10,000 “reward” for the “capture” of Zimmerman? What does anyone here think of that?

  20. Arch

    I found the video of Pat Robertson, so let’s look at this:

    “I think the Broncos treated Tebow shabbily…and if Peyton Manning gets injured then they won’t have a quarterback, which I think will serve them right.”


    “Not God Bless America, God D— America…God D— America, that’s in the Bible” and (post 9/11) “Americas chickens are coming home to roost”

    Yeah, those are the exact same. Right.

    If Joe had said that about the Broncos to his friend Bob down at Buffalo Wild Wings, no one would bat an eye. I’ve heard a lot worse things said about teams in the past by lots of people – in complete sincerity, why is anyone interpreting this so harshly? I really don’t get it, and I’d really like to understand another perspective on it.

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