LUCKY YOU, Mike has completed the first chapter of the book and its ready for delivery!  

If you have pre-orderd the book with advance chapters ($35 reward and above), you will receive an email with a link to download the first chapter.  Now be gentle, this hasn’t been professionally edited yet, so it may be a little ragged.  The final, edited book will be published this Fall, and this content might be very different by then.  You get to see the first draft and get the finished product, too!

We still need 500 pre-orders!

PLEASE share this link with your friends and enemies so we can get the best book distribution deal possible!  

Two Major AWARDS remain!

Do you want to be featured on the cover of the book?  Want to add a special dedication to your favorite Truthseeker or Malloyalist?  Help spread the message of #RESISTANCE and help us reach the widest possible audience.  We cannot do this without you.

Thanks for ALL the Ways you Keep it lit!


Alt-Title – Vote for Your Favorite


Hi Truthseekers,

Wow! The response to our Alt-Title Contest has been amazing. I’m still trying to choose my personal favorite but in the meantime, I need your help.

We’ve narrowed down the selections and now it’s time for you to help choose the Alt-Title Audience Favorite.

Please pick your favorite Alt-Title for “The Alt-Right, Trump & Me…” from the poll available here.

Make sure you get your vote in soon because I’ll be announcing the winners on my next special Kickstarter Live Show. That will the Tuesday, March 21, 2017, at 1 pm ET right here on Kickstarter Live. And I promise we’ll do our best to start on schedule this time.

Vote now and Keep It Lit,

Mike Malloy

P.S. People have been asking if they can order multiple copies of the book and the answer is absolutely yes! Just increase the amount of your pledge by $25 per book and then send us a message letting us know. Simple as that. Now you can get all your holiday/gift shopping done in one fell swoop and help us in the Push to 500.




Here are the “ALT-TITLE Finalists!  Vote for your fan favorite to win a 40-proof fruitcake!

1. Still Keeping it Lit After All These Year

2. Tales For the Truthseeker

3. Resistance Radio – 30 Years of Fighting the Fascist Right

4. The Alt-Right is All Wrong All the Time

5. Keeping It Lit: Stoking Liberal Rage in an Alt-Right America

6. Keeping it Lit in a Dark World

7. Uncle Mike’s Story Corner: Tales of the Flying Monkey Right

8. Have I Mentioned Yet Tonight How Much I Hate These People?

9. The Alt-Reich, Trump, and Me. . .

10. Rat Bastards






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  1. Joni Ellsworth

    I made a donation to the kickstarter campaign a week ago and it still has not appeared on my credit card account. Has anyone else encountered this experience? It’s kind of frustrating because I would like to get the perks I am supposed to enjoy when they become available. If this is how kickstarter functions, no wonder it’s taking so long to reach goals and numbers of people donating. You can donate and nothing shows up!

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