Malloy Invitational

Do you need to escape the madness for a few days?  Ready for a flying-monkey-free weekend getaway in the mountains?

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(actual Malloy Mountaineer weekend cabins pictured above)

4/30 update – Thank you for your reservations – we are booked up!  You can still come for the Saturday-only activities 😉




We had a cancellation, Truthseekers, and now this is the LAST CHANCE to join us in one of six luxury cabins with spectacular layered mountain views in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains!

Come visit with three generations of Malloys around the flying-monkey-free campfire! Scottish Festival and Highland Games tickets included!

BBQ feast by Bob Kincaid on Saturday night!

Only ONE bedroom remains for the two-night getaway! Can be reserved as a single or double or family room FULL DETAILS HERE

Saturday-only reservations will remain open after the rooms are sold out.

Keep it lit!

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