Mission Accomplished . . .

 . . . for real this time.  President Obama today announced that our troops would be home from Iraq by the end of the year, ending the near-decade-long deadly, pointless, costly and illegal action by the Bush Crime Family. Tens of thousands of Iraqis maimed or killed, thousands of US troops permanently disabled, and over 4,400 dead, and $1 trillion evaporated from the national coffers, we can finally close one of the ugliest chapters in US history.

The President’s announcement came with no warning, no fanfare, no banners, no cheering troops, no aircraft carrier, and no codpiece or flight-suit; just a simple, clear statement that should go a long way to increase his popularity with his base, many of whom have felt he’s reneged on most of his campaign promises, including ending the war in Iraq.

We can argue about whether or not he should receive full credit for ending our involvement in Iraq, given that this deadline was determined back in 2008,  before he was elected, as the last date the Iraqi government would guarantee our troops would be  immune from prosecution in Iraqi courts.  But regardless of that contingency, our troops will no longer kill or be killed in a horrific, baseless, unprovoked “war” against a people who did nothing to us and a leader we helped install and provided weapons.

Hopefully, the drawdown from Afghanistan will soon follow.

You have to wonder, what will the Neocons whine about now, given the one-two punch of Qudaffi’s death and the end of the Iraqi war?  Can the GOP candidates safely criticize either action in the coming months?

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  1. Wayne

    I believe the contractors all began to leave in Sept. There is no way they will stay without the US military to protect them. What we have done to that country is a crime, not to mention the loss of American lives and treasure.

  2. Chris

    I don’t think we will see the end of wars. Maybe a regrouping to attack Iran and or Pakistan. I’m very concerned about the rich elite who call the shots. Bush and Chenney tortured people and bombed many innocent civilians. Obama has killed a US citizen without a trial in Yemen. They used predator drones to kill Gaddafi and Afghanistan citizens. Gaddafi escaped the drone attack, and should have had a trial. But he knows too much and they want to steal his gold and oil so he gets snuffed out and Hillary celebrates. OUR WORLD IS BEING RUN BY PSYCHOPATHS!!!

  3. Fruit-for-Peace

    We ARE living in bizzaro world! The insane are running the asylum! Average citizens are again getting pissed enough to take to the streets in PEACEFUL assembly and the cops (SOME of the cops) are out BASHING them in the face!

    Our puppet politicians infrequently say what we want to hear, and rarely do what we ask. Our planet is being altered detrimentally to the point where it will no longer be suitable for human life. The human race continues to exhibit their caveman tendencies of “DESTROY” and “KILL” yet consider themselves “civilized”.

    I do not see this all ending well for humanity in its present course. What’s the alternative? Yet ANOTHER bloody revolution of the majority to TRY and rebuild? I think the masses have been so completely domesticated that even that can’t happen.

  4. Fruit-for-Peace

    People, spend a few minutes reading about how the U.S. government rendered and tortured an Australian citizen in Guantanamo for over five years and how his life was destroyed!

    Have ANY of you heard about the “children” unit at Guantanamo called “Camp Iguana”!?! Children ages 8-14 years old! WHY oh WHY is this allowed to continue when Obama PROMISED us he would CLOSE this American HELL!?! 🙁

    Read this article and weep and feel SHAME to be an American and RAGE as an American! 🙁


    I would LOVE to have Mike Malloy interview this Australian guy on the radio!!!!!

  5. Denny NNWofLA

    Saturday morning I was thinking that soon, having left Iraq, we would also leave Afghanistan. That would secure the safe return of our remaining forces.

    And…With our people home from, “Waring for the Corps”. And with the commencement of Obama’s second term, he would stop channeling Bill Clinton and transform into FDR.

    And most importantly, go after Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld, etc.
    We will finally hold accountable those that ruined us. At Last! Justice by Law.

    It had never occurred to me that while we had people abroad in our charge, we COULD NOT go after those that betrayed them, sold out our entire country and caused so much human suffering. BUT NOW WE COULD!!!

    …then I awoke, had breakfast and did the laundry.

  6. Denny NNWofLA

    BITE ME Harold Camping !!!

    Once again you have failed us. Just as you promised in May this year that the world would end, you claimed again that last Friday it really would.

    This, once again would have solved all of our problems w/o raising taxes or cutting more social benefits. But NOOOOOO.

    How the hell can anybody make plans when you keep changing the story?

  7. Craig

    So after all the recognition that Obama is a completely conservative president who has done nothing to reduce overall military aggression abroad, Mike suddenly becomes an Obama cheerleader after he claims to be bringing almost all troops home? Plus praising the murder of Qaddafi? Contemptible! Mike needs to make up his mind, he is all over the map.

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