Mo’ Mueller

Well, I had a completely different blog planned and then ….. BOOM! 

The NY Times reports that both Sessions and Comey have been interviewed by Mueller.  Oh, and current FBI director Christopher Wray threatened to resign if Jeff Sessions didn’t back off him about firing perfectly innocent public servants.  Yup, the latest news is that Trump was attempting to purge the FBI to obstruct the Russia investigation. 

How Nixonesque of him.

The way the Republicans, under this monster’s direction, have attempted to ruin the lives, careers, and reputations of innocent government employees, people who devoted and often risked their lives to serve and protect American citizens, strictly to protect this orange con man, is beyond deplorable.  And this must just give Putin the biggest woody he’s had in years.  He gets to watch one US political party completely malign and defame and attempt to destroy our own national institutions of criminal justice. This turned out waaaaaaay better than he could’ve ever dreamed.  And the Republicans now find themselves on the side of the Ruskies.  Whodathunk it?

Putin played Trump for the little naked emperor he is.  Let Trump think he can play God with anybody in Washington DC and watch the carnage enfold.  And Trump is the perfect patsy for the role, as he actually believes that he is King of America and everyone works for him.  Owes their lives to him.  Should kneel before him and kiss his ring and swear fealty to him.  If they dare betray him, well…..

That’s not a bit psychopathic, is it?  Perfect puppet material, how convenient.  No wonder they invested so heavily on this useful idiot. 

Mueller’s investigation is now moving like greased lightening.  Maybe he can wrap this up in time to salvage a few of our international relationships and US confidence in our own system of government.  It can’t come fast enough.


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  1. DennyNNWofLA

    But, but… there’s nothing there. So we have been assured by either Russian trolls or those seriously duped, right here on this very blog. Who did it, you may ask. That’s right, Who, and a few others.

    My question at this point is: Will Putin grant Trump asylum?

  2. Tom

    Like the saying goes, all good things come to an end. What happens when the various official Russiagate investigations finish and NOTHING’s found to use to impeach Trump with? What will the RNC, DNC, corporate media and various other hype machines do?

    1. DennyNNWofLA

      Well Tom, there’s another saying:
      Don’t sweat the small shit.
      The RNC, DNC, and MSM will be just fine.
      It’s our country I’m concerned about.
      How about we just chill, let Mueller do his work and see where this all leads?!

  3. Tom

    I have a brother-in-law who’s an attorney working in the DOJ’s National Security section of their Manhattan, NY office. According to him, Mueller continues to serve at the pleasure of Trump. Could Trump sack him at any time for any reason? Yes he could. Now, if this happened, would this fit into the DOJ’s broad definition of “for cause”? If Mueller decided to fight this, he could use several things. Trump is repeating the Sat. Night Massacre, and the political fallout from that. It could come down to it’s Mueller’s word against Sessions and Trump. But also, at that stage Mueller’s fighting the unlimited money and power of the DOJ. Even with a great personal attorney, how long could he last in a fight like that?

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