Never a dull moment, Truthseekers, when the flying monkeys vying for the GOP nomination are flitting around the nation, competing for the limited resources of media attention, contributions, and political support.

Rick Perry is making desperate attempts to prove he’s a serious contender to Mitt Romney, who has grudgingly become the frontrunner, despite lack of support from arch conservatives.  Meanwhile, many are asking how the publicly popular Herman Cain could be a serious candidate if he doesn’t even have an actual campaign organization?  Is he just in this for the book sales?

Does every neocon have a book to sell these days?

And did you hear that nurses are picketing City hall in Chicago over the arrests made in Grant Park at an “Occupy Chicago” demonstration in which two nurses were arrested for trespassing?  According to the Chicago Tribune: “National Nurses United is planning a protest at Mayor Rahm Emanuel‘s office today. The two nurses arrested were among a larger group marching with Occupy Chicago protesters and later set up a tent to provide first aid.”

Arrested for administering first aid?  Is it not time for revolution?

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And now for something completely different, a Poem from a young artist we hope you’ll follow:

We all say we need a change, but no one is doing anything.
We all can be united, if we don’t try to fight it.
We need to go far above, so no one can ever reach us.
We’re a bomb about to blow, 321……. Explode!
Not to be negative, but we’re not going anywhere.
Can someone please help us here?
It’s all about politics, not pollution.
We don’t need media, we need evolution.
We don’t need small steps, we need one big one.
We don’t stop fighting until the battle is won.
Too many people recognize the sound of a gun.
This is the beginning of a revolution.

Jacob Fleming, Mike’s grandson, age 11

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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    The fact that Jacob is even thinking in these terms about these topics is heartening.

    Mike, you ID’d him as your grandson. Well,
    THAT’S FAMILY VALUES indeed. And a young light shining brightly.

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