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We recently received this email and want to address these concerns:
As one who has been at the campfire for so long I can’t remember
I’d like to ask you a few questions regarding the show.
From many comments on your blog I’m certain I’m not the only
one seeking clarification on how to access directly live on line
and in what formats.
Is Livestream gone?
Is video a past thing?
Is PV really now the only option other than podcast subscriptions?
Is PV even working? Ex: Last night after the first hour it went silent.
Please, I ask this for all fellow Truthseekers at this horrifying time-
Give us an answer on the show (that I/we try listening to every night).
Best to You, Mike and Molly
Totally fair and reasonable questions.  Let’s go.
First, apologies for the last-minute encore show tonight.  Mike had a dental emergency today and it made the broadcast impossible.  Should be okay for Wednesday (audio + video)
Is Livestream gone? Hope not, but our studio TRICASTER PC taht feeds Livestream is behaving badly and we are trying to fix it.
Is video a past thing? Not if we can fix this TRICASTER
Is PV really now the only option other than podcast subscriptions? For Live audio? Yes, we are exclusively broadcast on Progressive Voices.
Is PV even working? Ex: Last night after the first hour it went silent. Yes, our webmaster and PV support confirms the 9/3 program aired in its entirety. We did have a technical glitch last week that caused an hour to be repeated on the Live broadcast – the podcast was fine.
Again, a series of unfortunate events have plagued us at this busy time of year, when Molly is beginning high school and Kathy is resuming her double-Girl Scout duties.
GOOD news is that Mike’s memoir is almost done and folks who have read it thus are are enjoying it a lot!  You can read it here if you pre-ordered the book. 
Here are some photos that will be included in the book, just for kicks:





Tune in







Join Mike LIVE Wednesday night For Church Night – the Kavanaugh Constitutional Crisis Edition! 

And a preview of Bob Woodward’s explosive book “Fear,” that has Trump’s Twitter finger set to “nuclear.”

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  1. 4earth

    Hi  Kathy and Mike –  Now that I live in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains…I fully plan to go to the book launch in November.  Looking forward to it!    ROAD TRIP!   YAY!   By the way, I have ordered a book, but no need to mail me mine.  I can pick it up at the big party!   Love you guys!   — Susan (formerly from Seattle, now from GEORGIA!)

  2. Dot in Seattle

    Wait! What?! Molly’s starting high school?! Wasn’t she just a little baby ’bout half hour ago?! I really feel older than the pyramids. I realized I WAS older than dirt when my granddaughter started working full time,moved into her own apartment and my grandson started college. Where does the time go? 🙁

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