Mourning in America

Happy Thursday, Truthseekers!  Is the Obama administration in spin-out mode?  It inherited two wars, a miserable economy, disastrous foreign policy that made us enemies of the Muslim world, and now grapple with dissenting generals and the biggest environmental disaster in US history.  Can it weather this storm?

More on these challenges and other disasters on the program tonight!



We are very saddened to report that our friend and frequent caller to the program, Marge, has passed away.  According to her son RJ, she did not suffer.  More details will be posted here, at the journal page her son created in her honor.

We love her and will miss her very much.

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  1. Rose

    I fear that Obama is also out of his f**king mind. To continue with the same policy is insane and nothing else but insane. If he is so intelligent, then why doesn’t he get it that what he is doing in Afghanistan is useless and is bleeding an already bankrupt country dry.

    In the meanwhile the Gulf will be totally destroyed, the life there including people will be severely affected and maybe will all die fromt the effects of the toxins in the air and water. I don’t see a bright spot anywhere for America.

    I wish I could be more optimistic, but until Obama sees the light, I think that Obama is going down and he is taking the nation with him unfortunately. Why does he want to committ this form of suicide and take us with him is beyond my comphrehension?

  2. Dude

    Immediately after the New York Times published a report last week of the Pentagon’s “discovery” of nearly $1 trillion worth of mineral reserves in Afghanistan, the backlash began. The U.S. Geological Survey released a report on the country’s mineral reserves in 2007, it turned out. Why was this coming up now? The bloggers pounced. By the end of the week, the accepted wisdom was that there was nothing new in this latest piece of government spin.

    Drowned in the noise, however, was a fascinating bit of news: that just this month a Pentagon team was hunting for minerals in Afghanistan’s dry lakes, and that early findings suggested that one site alone might contain more lithium than Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, which is believed to hold up to half the world’s known supply.

    Why is this significant? Because even if Afghanistan’s lithium never leaves the ground, the sudden, black-swan appearance of a new and potentially massive resource helps further debunk the myth that the world is running out of lithium and that, as a result, an electric-car revival that relies on lithium-based batteries is doomed before it begins.

  3. Dude

    At first glance, the plans for the 10MW Tower have all the trappings of pre-crash Dubai: the improbable height, the flashy facade, the swagger of a newbie in a crowded skyline. On closer inspection, however, it’s an eco-machine. The A-shaped, 1,969-foot concept skyscraper is designed to turn out as much as 10 times the energy it needs, enough to power up to 4,000 nearby homes.

  4. Dude

    A long-term study by Italian researchers shows that stem cells can help restore vision in eyes that have been blinded by burns. Moreover, the restored vision remained stable over 10 years.

    Patients whose eyes have suffered heat or chemical burns typically experience severe damage to the cornea — the thin, transparent front of the eye that refracts light and contributes most of the eye’s focusing ability. The Italian technique uses stem cells taken from the limbus, the border between the cornea and the white of the eye, to cultivate a graft of healthy cells in a lab.

  5. irishdave3

    …or as Jerry, Son of Pat, Brother of Kathleen Brown-Rice, Brown would say Preserve the Earth, Serve the People, Explore the Universe (PSE)…no wait PSE? Pychic Sanitation Engineer…yeah, that’s the ticket. if we all just get our minds right! BTW the anwser to the question about “weathering the storm…NO

  6. Arch

    “Can it weather this storm?”

    Better question – can Obama (and most of the left, although some over there are starting to wake up…a bit) stop making excuses of “we inherited…” and show some actual accountability and leadership?

    Obama didn’t inherit the oil spill – but he stopped foreign aid that probably could have stopped the oil from reaching the coast. Jones Act, my rear – the Coast Guard has actively stopped barges from working to skim the oil approaching Louisiana, and the Army Corp of Engineers were so busy studying the environmental effects of sand berms on Louisiana that would have at least slowed down the oil approaching the coast that the oil is now in the wetlands – great job, Commander in Chief.

    He could have NOT made a snap judgment of a six month moratorium on drilling just to see like he was doing something – that’s the only reason I can think of for that decision. The only thing it would accomplish is further hurting the economy of an already hurting area.

    He could NOT try to ignore the separation of powers as he did in his State of the Union address and in continuing to try to implement the moratorium that will kill a lot more than drilling in the Gulf.

    He could not lie about the amount of resources that America is sitting on that could make us COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT of foreign oil. The lie was in his first address from the Oval Office – day 53 (I think) of the oil spill disaster.

    He could NOT have made American foreign policy the laughing stock of the world by turning our back on our allies (Israel, for one) and debasing us in the eyes of the world before dictators. If you wonder why North Korea is acting up, it’s because we don’t have a “cowboy” (as the left said) in the office right now. I thought Clinton had bad foreign relations – at least he didn’t give the Queen of England DVDs that wouldn’t work in England and didn’t take Russian officials to a burger joint. Oh, aren’t we supposed to be worrying about being an overweight country?

    He could have NOT shoved health care “reform” down the throats of Americans, despite nearly EVERYONE pointing out exactly how terrible the bill is (oh, and the CBO said the conservatives were right about the numbers, by the way).

    How’s that “Change you can believe in” workin’ for ya’ now?

  7. crow


    get a clue. this is a progressive web site. the disillusion and disappointment with corporate obama is obvious to everyone but you, apparently.

    nice to see you got out of the rubber room, though.

  8. Lee Harvey

    Dems “lost” (with 57 votes) extending unemployment benefits. Amazing that 41 beats 57. Only in the useless Senate, I guess. Look for me in a bread line or in the “Where are they now?” file very soon.

  9. Pattyber

    With an economy that is only now beginning to respond to the stimulus package signed into law at the beginning of the year, we now hear from the Rapublicans that we no longer need wasteful spending like extended unemployment benefits because it will- like- you know- help people that need it.

    I once read the controlling principle behind the rapublican party’s policy apparatus. Called the 2 Christmas policy, the plan basically is to borrow heavily and spend even more heavily, and then- if the democratic party has the temerity to actually win an election- scream bloody murder at ANY spending proposals, the fact that spending now is exactly what needs to ne done to prime the economic pump.

    They seem to be wholly invested in this strategy now and have cultivated their Know-Nothing lackeys (see Arch- above) otherwise known colloquially herein as teabaggers who, like most of the grinning dittoheads of yesteryear, desperately need to be told what to think!

    And I think Mike is spot-on regarding another conservative co-option of our national governance. The only problem with his reasoning is that I really dont think the lights are a-gonna stay on that much longer…

  10. Blulady

    How very sad to loose Marge.

    I hope she tunes in from outer space and stays with us.

    I was really fond of her and will miss her always.

    Peace to her son, friends, and the rest of her family.

  11. JIM C


    Get a grip please your doom and gloom nightly is depressing.

    The reason we are at war is these people are still coming at us sans Time Square Bomber, Christmas Day Bomber and Jihad Jane and gang. These people hate us not because of the drones attack they hate us because we are the West,the Great Satan, the United States. The radical Muslims have been attacking us since the mid 1980s. Ever since the fall of the Shah the extreme elements in Muslim world have perverted there faith in the name of jihad. They even murdered Sadat and his crime was making peace with Jews. They take adavantage of the uneducated masses like any mass cult would and brainwash with brand of Muslim faith. The biggest disappointment in the most Muslim world are there leaders are mostly despots and thugs in the middle east. Given time in Iraq a generation or so will become a better governing country.

    As for Afganistan we will (US)be in there for years to come in a limited combat role on the border regions with Pakistan. It will take Afgan expats elite to come back an rebuild and reshape there country. Then lead them to there country to the next level development.

    The problem with anti-war lefties they think that world hated us because of George Bush and it would all change after Obama’s election

  12. truthaddict

    Extremely sorry to hear about Marge. I live in the town next to hers and always felt “close” to her. I’ve missed her calls recently and now I’m very sad that I’ll never hear her again. As soon as Mike said, “I have some sad news.”…I said outloud, “NO–Not Marge!” I wish I had been wrong.

  13. Dave925

    I’ve been listening to Mike since the old IEA days, way back in ’03. I can’t recall when I first heard Marge but I’m sure Marge was around if not then, then soon after, Over the years I always listened a little closer whenever Mike announced Marge was next on the line and she never failed to disappoint or entertain me since next to me, she was about the best cusser of Repukes I ever heard.

    RJ, how lucky you were to have such a fine person for a mom and my heart goes out to you and yours at this time of great loss, I know I’ll miss her very much. She touched and influenced so many lives, so many more than we can ever know, I hope wherever she is now, she does know.

    Farewell Marge, and thanks for a battle well fought, We’ll need so many more like you in the dark days to come. Let’s hope they’ll pop up in our lives when we need them, just as Marge did,


  14. Dude

    NEW ORLEANS (KABC) — A cap on BP’s broken oil well in the Gulf of Mexico is back on after a deep-sea blunder forced crews to temporarily remove it on Wednesday.

    Clouds of black oil gushed into the Gulf again at up to 104,000 gallons per hour while the cap was off, but fortunately a specialized ship at the surface managed to suck up and incinerate 438,000 gallons.

    In Florida, thick pools of oil washed up along miles of national park and Pensacola Beach shoreline Wednesday, as health advisories against swimming and fishing in the once-pristine waters were extended for 33 miles east from the Alabama line.

  15. pkarsh

    We are sorry for Marge’s passing. Though we did not know her at all except by her calls to Mike, on those few occasions she sounded like a lady of spirit. Many thanks to her son RJ for sharing this sad news with the Mike Malloy listener community.

  16. Gary Alderette

    R.I.P. Marge…I will miss your visits on the phone.For me,they were like coffee on the porch,on a sunny Sunday morning,with a good neighbor sharing an easy friendship.I will miss you.

  17. Jon in MD

    I’m sorry for your loss RJ. I will remember Marge’s call to Mike one night in Nov 2008 when she said a movie about Lee Atwater, Boogie Man the Lee Atwater Story, was going to be on PBS the next week. As I had missed seeing it during the short theater run I got to see it before the dvd was available. Hat tip to Marge for the advance notice.

  18. Lena_inRI

    No more Marge is a saddening thought indeed. Her voice. often using those other-era conversational midwestern expressions. was always a lift during all the relentlessly depressing news being discussed.

    She also had the Chicago scene wrapped up accurately.

    And her frequent astute business commentary showed what must have been her work experience.

    Pace in terra, Marge.

  19. Fruit-For-Peace

    Oh, Marge! I’m SO sorry to hear of your passing. We will all miss you SO much! 🙁

    Marge, we will all do our best to keep givin’ ’em HELL, and I know you are and will continue to shake your fist and give ’em HELL from Heaven. Sweet lady, Marge. We love you and are sending warm thoughts to you and your family, and know that you were and will continue to be part of the Malloy program family.

    Rest in peace, Marge – except when you’re givin’ ’em HELL! 🙂

  20. folkdoc

    Whenever I heard Marge on your show I was reminded of Molly Ivins, who passed in the last couple of years. They had the same whip sharp tongues that nevertheless left you feeling better. I am so sorry for your loss Mike and Kathy — I’ve only been listening for a couple of years and yet when you said “We have some sad news tonight” my heart stopped, and I thought, ‘Marge.’

    Love and blessings to all those who work and speak for social justice. We are united as one. We love you Marge. You are still an inspiration.

  21. Annie

    RIP Marge. Up until not that long ago, she sounded like quite a vivacious lady. And her mind was razor sharp, and what a humor! I’ll miss her. It’s hard to image someone that full of life is gone.

    That said, there is something to be said for not having a long decline in health until you basically waste away. I don’t know how old she was or whether she died of something preventable. But I’d be glad to live that well up until the end and then go quickly.

  22. David Tiemeier

    Marge was a beautiful soul, and she will be sorely missed by Mike’s audience, I am certain. RJ, you do not mourn alone, and I hope you share you mother’s attitude toward this crazy world, and that that will see you through.

  23. reject

    Hearing Marge on the Malloy show was a certain smile at the end of a hard day. She was tough, silly, feisty, smart, funny, and knowledgeable. I admired her point of view, which so very often was mine as well. Hearing that raspy voice was a pleasure. And I will enjoy hearing her again, every time I play an older Malloy podcast.

    I am typing this with tears in my eyes. I will miss her.

    Goodbye, Marge

  24. MavsHMB

    So many years, so many calls with Marge. Marge’s calls to Mike were always my favorite. Even when life had Marge by the throat and threatened to throttle her, she continued to “give ’em hell” right back. Marge was always an inspiration to me and I will miss her voice on the phone. She touched so many lives, didn’t she? Anyone who’s listened to Malloy for any length of time could immediately recognize Marge’s raspy voice with a bit of a sparkle to it.

    We’ll take up the flag, Marge. We’ll keep giving ’em hell in your honor. You will be missed, sweet dear lady!

  25. Carole Ivy

    I’ve enjoyed each time Marge called in to talk to her friend Mike over these many years. She was always a bright light with her knowledge, opinions and humor. I admired her spunk and her wisdom, and feel like I knew her because I am truly saddened to know I won’t hear her calling the show anymore. I will never forget her as she will forever be a part of the Mike Malloy show. Sending love to RJ and all Marge’s family and friends. We’ll miss you a lot DearHeart!

  26. dennis

    I will miss Marge. I just found out she has died, and it always was a nice thing to hear her voice from Indiana. I am very very very sad we lost her. She was quite the spitfire, and she will always be an inspiration and a part of all of us who have to carry on without her.

    just like losing one’s mom, this time this hurt a lot.

  27. Mark in Manhattan

    Good luck to RJ and Rest In Peace marge. I always enjoyed hearing marge’s voice and views on things; it was like hearing from my salty (and beloved) Grandmother. Very sad day and Marge will be missed.

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