Not in My Name

FRESH Malloy show tonight with Video. too!  No more pancreatitis, fortunately.  Molly is safely at Girl Scout Camp and Mike celebrated another birthday yesterday.  Our lives are returning to normal.  The rest of the nation, not so much.

Michael Cohen continues to signal his intentions and no longer claims fealty/loyalty/whatever to The Don anymore.  Uh oh, might be Mueller Time! Meanwhile Kim Jong Crazy shoots us his social finger and continues to stockpile nukes even as Trmp invites him to snuggle at Trump Tower NYC this fall.  Why?  Seriously, why?  Does he just love dictators so much?

Dictators may be the only world leaders to give him the time of day after his disastrous tariffs continue to ruin our global relationships and devastate our economy.  So much for the Art of the Deal.  Unless that was the plan after all.

And over 70 protests were held in all 50 states to condemn this monster’s policy of separating Latino families and locking children in cages.  But neither the NY Times nor the WaPo felt the efforts warranted front page coverage. 

Maybe they’re worried they’ll get shot.

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  1. Denny NNWofLA

    So far under Trump’s reign of error he has alienated allies while cozying up to oppressive dictators,, degraded social safety nets, appointed department heads that are dedicated to the destruction of those departments, kidnapped 2000+ children, rescinded regulations that protect our environment, consumer rights and financial safeguards, added more than a trillion and a half to the deficit by giving it to the uber-wealthy while saddling us with the bill. Almost seems like an inside job to destroy America from the within. Happy July 4th, Putin.

  2. Gayanne Robinson

    Mike, Kathy, and Miss Molly!
    I have missed you so much! With Ed Schultz’s death, this makes me remember you all more! I was a very faithful listener!

    In Santa Fe NM we cannot get you on radio.. Your show must be on computer now?

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