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Truthseekers, Bob Kincaid will be guest hosting tonight and Tuesday, the rest of the week TBA. He will read your sponsorships, then Mike will read them again when he returns.

Mike took a bad turn Friday and went to the ER< but was sent home.  He returned  to the ER yesterday and was admitted with fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.  He has mild pancreatitis and some odd blood levels and CT findings, so further tests are needed.  They are keeping him tonight, possibly tomorrow as well.

Looks like this issue is separate from the spider bite, unless it was the cocktail of antibiotics for the spider bite that brought about the pancreatitis.  TBD.

Thanks for all your warm wishes and healing thoughts.  Mike, Molly and I appreciate you all so very much!


Keep it lit,


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  1. Phoenix Chastaine

    So sorry to hear Mike’s feeling bad. I hope Kathy is hosting up through it as well. Please let Mike and his family know we’re all cheering them on and wish the best of outcomes as soon as he’s ready! Thank you!

  2. Lynnette Gyllenblad

    I do love your show so much and have listened for years. I feel so bad that, financially, I haven’t been able to support you guys$$$$. I wish you all the best and hope that your body, MIke, and spirit, and your family, can keep us all “lit” and I know that’s a stress in itself. Holding the good energy afloat in a sea of nasty..Take care, Lynnette

  3. Kathleen Daschke

    Mike and Kathy 
    You are in my thoughts daily wishing and hoping for a full recovery from your med reactions and surgery. I also hope your pooch has a full recovery. (I’d pray but well I believe as you do). I have been there. Had an insect sting by eye 8 yr ago- clinic shot me up with so much dexamethasone that it caused my body to attack the myelin sheath throughout my body except-luckily! Not my brain or spine and there was nothing they could do. Your body has to heal or not-then you’d die. I learned to go toER not Clinic!  InTN you rarely see a doc – instead a PA or nurse. And I have a 5.5 yr old dog who got deathly ill after leaving him for 2 weeks with my husband after an emergency trip to help with my 89 yr old mom who cracked her skull open while on zarelto(?).  She has recovered from that now. The stress can also be overwhelming. I am like you and Kathy- 61 and Eat very well and exercise and stay fit but age still brings problems and these drugs can make you so ill and kill you. Absolutely love your program and hope you can resume!  Looking forward to hearing from you

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