Of Madness and Morons

Monday again.  Same POTUS, different Tweet.  What does he do over the weekend, Truthseekers?  Try to figure out the best way to troll the press on Twitter?  Last week it was the Morning Joe team.  This week it’s CNN.  Does he honestly have nothing better to do?  Do we have a president with so much free time to devote to juvenile social media posts?  Again, what a global embarrassment.  Friday he heads off for another doomed encounter with the NEW leader of the free world Angela Merkel on Thursday ahead of the G20 summit this weekend.  I’m sure she’s looking forward to that about as much as a root canal without Novocaine.  

We get to collectively hold our breath to see if he can get through the weekend without inciting an international incident.  Did you ever think you’d see the day when you feared your American President would piss off our key allies in Europe?  He delights in it.  Trump will also get the chance to meet his hero Vladmir Putin this weekend and might even get his autograph!  Maybe they can pose for a fake TIME magazine cover – Trump with Ivanka on his knee, Putin bare-chested astride a bear.  Wait – I’m giving the National Enquirer ideas again.

The Globe and Mail have a preview for us: 

This is expected to be the most contentious G20 summit ever, and some experts believe little, if anything, will be accomplished. The prospects don’t look good.

Ms. Merkel and several other leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, have already lined up against U.S. President Donald Trump on the summit’s main issues of open trade and climate change. There’s also plenty of tension between Ms. Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin over Ukraine, and the German leader has clashed with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over political change in his country. With a German election looming in September, Ms. Merkel is also under growing pressure at home to stand up to Mr. Trump, who is always unpredictable.

“This could be the first failed summit, because the two big sides are on a collision course,” said John Kirton, co-director of the G20 Research Group at the University of Toronto, referring to the Trump-Merkel divide. “A summit that actually made things worse, that’s a failure.” Prof. Kirton believes Ms. Merkel will likely cobble together some kind of consensus on enough other issues, such as terrorism, to salvage the summit, but he said it will still rank as one of the most unproductive G20 meetings ever.

Ms. Merkel has already signaled that the summit won’t be easy, and she may not be displeased with a failed outcome. She’s strengthened her lead in domestic public opinion polls by standing up to Mr. Trump, and she’s largely recovered from her decision in 2015 to open Germany’s borders to nearly one million refugees who fled the Middle East. Last week she took a pre-G20 shot at Mr. Trump, telling the German parliament that “anyone who thinks the world’s problems can be solved with isolationism and protectionism is simply delusional.” She’s previously indicated that Europeans can no longer count on the U.S. and warned her compatriots that “the times in which [Germany] could completely depend on others are on the way out.”

Yeah, even Trump’s supporters wouldn’t call him dependable. Delusional is a given.  Let’s just hope the twit doesn’t tweet something nasty about her physical appearance – or anything about blood.  That’s about the best we can hope for.

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