Outfoxed Friday

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And make sure you listen to the behind-the-scenes story about the backstage shenanigans at “Fox and Friends.”  Seems they invited the editor of Scientific American to be a guest on their “news” show (why???), then told him he couldn’t discuss global climate change.  Instead, he should stick to “things that actually matter.”  TalkingPointsMemo has the story:

Michael Moyer appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday morning to talk about tech trends for the next decade. He tweeted that he suggested the number one trend for the future would be climate change impact but was told to choose another topic instead.

A recent study by the Union of Concerned Scientists found that while misinformation about climate change was more or less common among cable news channels, Fox News led the pack by airing misleading coverage 72 percent of the time. The network’s denial of global warming has been a subject of late night mockery, from Jon Stewart to “Saturday Night Live.”

The rest of Moyer’s tweets from behind-the-scenes at “Fox & Friends” described an uncomfortable experience, including an assistant who told him the missing Malaysia Airlines jet was hidden on a military base somewhere.

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This article has 18 comments

  1. FreezeFrame

    The hypocrisy of these Republicans is beyond belief! They never want to stop talking about Benghazi but, at the same time, we must never hold anybody accountable in the Bush/Cheney administration for their failure to prevent the 9/11 attacks!

  2. chucky

    The first confirmed case of “Mers”, Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome has been found in a patient in Munster Indiana. The infected man flew back in from Saudi Arabia to some point in this country, then took a bus to Indiana. We can’t let people go to Cuba, but Saudi fucking Arabia is just fine. Goddamn this country has some fucked up priorities! Why do we let people go over there? Why would people want to? I just don’t get it.

  3. Denny NNWofLA

    It’s OK now. Everything is good. Donald Sterling has finally
    addressed his big issue. Sort of… Although he offered no
    apology for his remarks and said that he had no plans to sell
    his NBA team, he did say, “I wish I had paid her off.” Swell.
    Or perhaps, had he said not to bring any “blah people” to the
    games, that would have been acceptable. Sure, Don.

    FOX NEWS and “things that really matter” in the same sentence?

  4. Dot in Seattle

    Here’s a idea…how about we start a kickstarter campaign to have Sarah Palin waterboarded? That’s the only way I can think of to get her to shut up. Hmmmm….maybe if we’re lucky, REALLY lucky, someone will kidnap her and sell her to some warlord in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan or one of the stans. Send her someplace, ANYPLACE where we don’t have to listen to her screechy, obnoxious voice anymore. 😀

  5. Denny NNWofLA

    Since you are dreaming, here’s another idea for you, Dot.
    Lock her up alone in a house of mirrors (one way so we can
    watch) and have her speeches piped in over Livestream-ream.

  6. chucky

    Dot…..lets send the bitch all the way out to Saturn. Hopefully that’s far enough away to prevent us from hearing her.

    Some others who need to the planet.

    Limpballs. Send him to Uranus. The name of that planet suits him perfectly.

    Beck and Romney. Both of them should be sent to the planet Kolob. That way they can find out that imaginary spook doesn’t fucking exist.

    Hannity. Just ship his dumb ass to the fucking moon. No sense spending a fortune on sending him to a distant planet.

    Dimson Bush. Send him to Mars. He wanted to go there anyway.

    Mitch McConnell. Put him in some ocean or lake with a lot of turtles. He can meet up with some of his family.

    John Boner. Put him in a dive biker bar so he can really have a good reason to cry like a bitch, especially after they get done kicking his ass.

    How is that for starters?

  7. Denny NNWofLA

    Chucky- Of all your suggestions, I think Sarah to Saturn
    makes the most sense. Hell, she could shoot wolves while
    sitting on the edge of a ring. WOW. What a visual THAT is.

    McConnell swimming with other turtles, is appropriate, but
    is just way too damn creepy to imagine. And they might even
    breed and that would be a reptile dysfunction we could all
    do without.

    Dot has a good-spot, but I, as you, want them OFF the goddamn
    planet. Besides, they’re the ones fucking it up, anyway!

  8. Dot in Seattle

    Denny, the “door of hell” is 230 feet wide, 65 feet deep and has been burning for over 40 years. The temperature inside is hundreds of degrees. If the right wing scum bags are dumped in there, they are NOT getting out! I just suggested tossing them in the hole because it would be cheaper than shipping their asses all over the solar system. Hmmm….if we could clean out their bank accounts (foreign and domestic) that could pay for their one-way trips! 😀

  9. Dot in Seattle

    What purpose does the “white house correspondence dinner” serve besides a bunch of rich people sitting on their asses, making snarky comments to each other, while the other 99% of people in this country can’t find jobs, can’t feed their kids, can’t pay their rent or mortgage. Maybe the next correspondence dinner should be held at a homeless shelter or a food bank. Or better yet, donate the money that would go to the dinner to food banks/homeless shelters around the country. THAT will never happen…..

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