Deal or No Deal

The orange asshat is as much a mastermind deal maker as he is a monk.  Yet he insists – like the Vatican – His Hairy Holiness will have His Wall….

Winter is Coming

Or at least Mittens is coming.  Coming after Trump, that is, with a verbal flaming sword set to slay the Heretic Heathen in the Name of Our Holy American Empire….


Can’t be any crazier than 2018, right Truthseekers?  Hope you had a safe, uneventful New Years Eve and survived amateur night on the roads, if you ventured out after dark….

Happy New Year!

Have a safe New Year’s Eve Truthseekers! We have a new show tonight, so stay home, listen up, and drive safe! See you next year!

Final Friday

Last Friday of 2018 Truthseekers!  Yes, we have a fresh show, kind of a macabre Year in Review.  2018 can’t leave fast enough. Have a great weekend, keep it lit,…

Hump Day

Hi Truthseekers! We have a FRESH show for you tonight, then another “Classic” Malloy show Thursday as Kathy recovers from hand surgery.  We plan to return LIVE Friday 12/28 if…


Merry meet, Truthseekers! We have a FRESH hour tonight at 9PM ET, followed by a classic Malloy hour.  Then a Classic Holiday show for you tomorrow on Christmas.  We should…

Classic Malloy

HOLIDAY BROADCAST SCHEDULE We have a Classic Malloy tonight from 12/21/2009 – when the only scandalous DC gossip was about Obamacare!  We return Monday Christmas Eve for a live show….

Another One Bites the Dust

Letter-From-Secretary-James-N-Mattis It’s never boring, eh Truthseekers?  It’s a carnival fun house.  A merry-go-round of cabinet members and senior staff.  Personal lawyers and White House Counsel spinning on a Ferris wheel …

Happy Holidaze

Crazy times, Truthseekers!  Sorry for the lack of updates – I sliced open my pinkie and it’s hard to type… HOLIDAY BROADCAST SCHEDULE We are live tonight for Church Night,…