Change is Gonna Come

New Year, New Server Truthseekers!  And soon a new website! Several exciting changes & improvements are coming to the Malloy show over the next few weeks – stay tuned! Join…

Treason’s Greetings

TGIF Truthseekers!   Each week is crazier than the last!  You can’t keep up, the breaking news stories just tumble out on top of each other.  Like this Cohen revelation…

Barr None

Gotta love Nancy Pelosi.  She’s telling the toddler that he can give his State of the Union speech wearing his jammies at home, but don’t come to Congress, it’s too…

Deal or No Deal

The orange asshat is as much a mastermind deal maker as he is a monk.  Yet he insists – like the Vatican – His Hairy Holiness will have His Wall….

Winter is Coming

Or at least Mittens is coming.  Coming after Trump, that is, with a verbal flaming sword set to slay the Heretic Heathen in the Name of Our Holy American Empire….


Can’t be any crazier than 2018, right Truthseekers?  Hope you had a safe, uneventful New Years Eve and survived amateur night on the roads, if you ventured out after dark….

Happy New Year!

Have a safe New Year’s Eve Truthseekers! We have a new show tonight, so stay home, listen up, and drive safe! See you next year!

Final Friday

Last Friday of 2018 Truthseekers!  Yes, we have a fresh show, kind of a macabre Year in Review.  2018 can’t leave fast enough. Have a great weekend, keep it lit,…

Hump Day

Hi Truthseekers! We have a FRESH show for you tonight, then another “Classic” Malloy show Thursday as Kathy recovers from hand surgery.  We plan to return LIVE Friday 12/28 if…


Merry meet, Truthseekers! We have a FRESH hour tonight at 9PM ET, followed by a classic Malloy hour.  Then a Classic Holiday show for you tomorrow on Christmas.  We should…