Paradise Found

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Donald Junior Donna Brazile the Michael Flynns Jeff Sessions Paradise Papers Mark Zuckerberg Yuri Milner Vlad Putin Wilbur Ross Big Paulie Manafort Rand Paul Jared Kushner…..and another horrific mass murder of innocents ages 18 months to 77 years.

Where to begin?  Maybe with a note about Trump fatigue.  It’s part exhaustion from the non-stop, head-spinning despicable acts this psychopath hurls at us like a manic super villain.  And also the demoralizing realization that the only weapon that can slay this tangerine dragon is useless.

 Short of shipping him to Leavenworth, there is only one tonic to neutralize this home grown terrorist, and that is to ignore him completely.  Trump is now the most famous person in the world, according to international polling statistics and data research.  Global fame and domination drove this fanatic’s obsession and we carried him over the goalposts.  

It’s the worst possible catch-22.  Mention his name and you feed The Beast, but you cannot have a political discussion about any topic, from taxes to education to infrastructure or climate change, gun safety, police brutality, healthcare, the opium epidemic, the economy, the death penalty, LGBT rights, veterans affairs- and ALL of foreign policy- there is no way to have those conversations without discussing the madman Leader of the Free World!  

That disturbing reality is the new normal, the bizarro world of alternate facts.  It’s the backdrop to the other Trump effect- the use of his psychotic superpowers for evil.  We can’t catch our breath, everyday he tosses a fresh thunderbolt:  I like people who weren’t captured, BAM!  Obama tapped my phones, WHAM!  NeoNazis that killed that Antifa broad are very fine people, KA-POW! That Gold Star widow, whassername, she’s a liar, BOOM! Hey deadbeat wetbacks, catch! You can soak up that floodwater with this pack of Bounty, SOK! 

Adrenal fatigue-level exhausting.

Its no wonder we barely register a reaction to the Paradise Papers’ blockbuster release today.  Is appears that Mark Zuckerberg literally formed a business partnership with a Putin-connected Russian tech baron,Yuri Milner.  Jared Kushner was the latest Trumpster to recover from Russian amnesia, suddenly recalling yet another 75 business holdings he “forgot” to disclose.  One of these is “Cadre,” a company he co-founded with his brother that happens to be linked to (wait for it) Yuri Milner. 

Then there is Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Rachael Maddow had the goods on Ross back in February, and now we know the details of his association with an infamous Cyprus bank known for Russian money laundering.

Not enough?  Okay, seems Mueller has enough evidence to indict both Daddy Flynn and Crazy Baby Boy Flynn, and Michael Sr. was involved in James-Bondesque paid international kidnapping and assassination espionage involving the Turkish government.  Yes, our confirmed National Security Director was literally a paid foreign agent.

And then there was the Donna Brazile bombshell, the Rand Paul front yard attack, and the mass murder yesterday in a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, killing 28 people so far.

Within hours of that massacre, right wing websites were shamelessly exploiting the tragedy for personal gain by spreading Trumpian fake news about the shooter. One common theme was that the shooter was connected to the “Antifa” movement and was shouting about communism as he shot at the helpless congregation. Sick.

And finally tonight, consider this – three of the the worst five mass shootings in US history took place in the last 18 months.  And yet again, members of Congress stood in front of the telescreens and defended their loyalty to guns over human beings.  

And it’s only Monday.




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  1. DennyNNWofLA

    And then came Tuesday and elections across the nation rejecting GOP candidates like the plague they are. If, and I do not see that as possible, Trump is somehow still in office by next year’s elections, all Democratic candidates should run on a platform dedicated to impeachment of this shit-stain on humanity that puts the whole world at risk. Hallelujah it’s Wednesday- see you in church tonight.

    Have YOU signed the RDT Action petition for impeachment yet? I just did.

    1. TakeTheCannoli2

      I remember the album, simply titled “The Doors,” from The Doors, that “Alabama Song” (aka “Whiskey
      Song”) appears in. The song has its own Wikipedia page, where one may learn it comes from a 1925 poem by Bertolt Brecht. Other hits on that album are: “Break On Through (To the Other Side),” “Light My Fire,” and “The End.”

      Not surprising that Alabama is poised to elect a pedophile Senator, However, since late October, Roy Moore’s 17-point lead has dwindled to four.

      1. DennyNNWofLA

        More than fifty Alabama Pastors have enviously announced their support of Roy Moore.Moore.
        The term Pastor, is usually used by Christians; Protestants and Catholics. But other religions use that term also. I’m seeing a pattern here with Catholic priests in the lead. What a crock!

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