Paris is Burning

Fires everywhere.  The tragic loss of the Notre Dame Cathedral in France, the black churches in Louisiana.  Our idiot president has a few things to say about the former – not a peep about the latter.

Probably because it was another MAGA domestic terrorist responsible for the church fires, so that’s okay.

AP reports that “Holden Matthews, 21, the son of a sheriff’s deputy, entered his not guilty plea via video conference from the St. Landry Parish jail. The judge set a September trial date. Matthews, who had no previous criminal record, was arrested Wednesday on three charges of arson of a religious building. Prosecutors filed documents Monday adding three more charges, accusing Matthews of violating Louisiana’s hate crime law, confirming that they believe the fires were racially motivated”

Trump did tweet about the OTHER fire, however:


What, no call to break out the rakes?  Don’t “flying water tankers” cause cancer?  Or was that something else?  Dumber than a box of rocks.

Speaking of hate crimes, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s life is in danger because the President of the United States has targeted her as a Muslim terrorist.  This is really happening.

First The Don posted an image of the burning twin towers on 9-11 juxtaposed with Rep. Omar on Friday.  Then this today:

Yup, Donald Trump is accusing somebody of hate speech. Take a minute.

Rep. Omar responded:

Will Trump be impeached if he succeeds in inspiring her assignation?  Nah, his base will LOVE that!  You know it’s true.  And these are our fellow Americans.  Pretty terrifying.

Ready for some R-n-R??  Come see us in the Mountains!  Only THREE overnight reservations left to fill and only 14 days remain!


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  1. TakeTheCannoli2

    Not all the news from Monday was bad. Bernie was at a Fox News Town Hall in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania last night. Voters there went for Obama twice, then went for Trump in ’16. Bernie won the crowd over! When the Fox News hosts asked if they supported Medicare for All, they raised their hands in overwhelming numbers. When the hosts then asked if they would abandon their employers’ health insurance plan for same, the crowd again raised their hands about the same way. The Fox hosts looked horrified. The event did not go as planned. By the end of the meeting, the crowd was roaring Bernie’s name!
    See for yourself, in its entirety!

  2. Denny NNWofLA

    Reading the Mueller report this morning I was shocked that TXXXX told XXXXX XXXXXXX to go XXXX himself and then to XXX XXXX and XXX! Furthermore the report makes clear the role TXXX took in the RXXXXXXn interXXXXXXXX. Anyone can easily see collusion was XXXXXX beyond a XXXXXXXXX doubt.

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