Another terrible week for Tinyhands.  Bad press on Puerto Rico, an unforced error with the NFL, attacks on a dying war hero, the defeat of his pet giant in Alabama, repeal and replace taken off life support, and Tom Price is forced out the door for his very Trumpesque extravagant use of taxpayer dollars to ride the skies in a private jet . . . I wonder if he ever gets tired of all this winning?

We’ll review the week that was, and chat with Tara Devlin, of RDT Daily and the Progressive Voices Network.


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  1. DennyNNWofLA

    Open Letter to President Trump-

    You ran for this office under the guise of “Make America Great Again.”
    We are not seeing that happen; in fact you have turned your back on 3.4 million America citizens in hurricane-ravished Puerto Rico.
    When the mayor of San Juan pleaded for help, your response was they want everything done for them and to remind them they still ‘owed’ the BANKS and WALL STREET.

    I too, want America to be great, or at least to show some of that Christian value of compassion. So with that in mind may I humbly suggest you get your fat fucking ass off the golf course, put on your double-wide designer jeans and get to work saving those who are DYING, you miserable lying son-of-a-bitch!

    Sincerely, Denny NNWofLA

  2. Leftisttrash

    False narrative by a sociopathic leftist divider of the republic. Not working and nobody buys it, and I’m not a Trump supporter, you degenerate, communist dividers are lying about Puerto Rico. Malloy, nobody cares about you, the entire media is on your side, let the right have talk radio, you have Hollywood, the entire media, print and Broadcast, so STFU and go away

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