Rain, Rain, Go Away . . . .

It’s a nasty Friday at the Malloy compound, Truthseekers, but nothing like what’s facing the residents of Fargo. We’re sending positive thoughts to the people up there. Good thing Bush isn’t pResident any longer, he’d likely do a flyover, then send Brownie to release the Blackwater troops and stop the Red Cross from offering humanitarian assistance.

Different President, Different flood.

With that in mind, here are the headlines that caught our attention this week:

Fargo Flood Waters Break Record, Spur Evacuations

Obama cites North Dakota floods in call for climate change action

Earth Hour puts focus on climate change Saturday

Fast-track on the budget

Budget moves through Senate committee

Education Cuts Probable in Budget Compromise

Geithner Is Overreaching on Regulatory Power

Rep. Manzullo to Geithner: Your Plan Is ‘Radical’

Obama’s blind faith in Geithner

Bankers Say They Offered Obama to Help With Recovery

Blast kills 50 at Pakistan mosque

Iran Plans to Attend Forum on Afghanistan

The Afghanistan Intelligence Puzzle

Obama to Boost Forces in Afghanistan, Pakistan Aid

EU Weighs Increased Aid, More Police Trainers for Afghanistan

Japan OKs deployment of missile defense system

US Jobless Rolls Increase to Record 5.56 Million

US Economy: Consumer Spending Growth Slowed in February

Obama: Legalizing Pot Won’t Grow Economy

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